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Too MANY Books. . . Too Little Time??

I feel like I'm in the middle of a book meltdown! I have so many books to read and I mean LOADS! Mostly all signed and sealed by the author or publisher and some are even ARCS! but I can't seem to get into them. .  I've read about the first chapter of most and there boring me! I'm not going to name the book names obviously but I'm stuck!!

Not only will this rant continue more I also don't want to sorta read but I have responabilites which means I have to. I want to read all these fantastic books but how do I stop from getting into deep?

I want to start to enjoy the fun and exciting feeling I get from reading again but I don't know to begin. HELP!!! I'm really having a Book Meldown! To Make it worse it's payday tomorrow. . . So I can gaurentee I'll be buying more books . . .  Which I admit I don't need.

Any Advice will be amazing!! Help!

I feel like I'm drowning in books!

Kerry-Ann xo


  1. Hmmm... you are in a tough spot! Maybe lay out the ones you have to read, flip over the ones you have started and don't like and then pick one that remains, read it, and review it- even if you don't love it or like it (skim the book if it gets bad). Then- you can at least get some books off your TBR list. :)

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the awesome advice. I did what you said and it's really helped me alot. I've actuially started reading a book. I'm so grateful I'm out of my rut. :) Hopefully I can get loads of my TBR pile now. :)

    Kerry-Ann xo

  3. I'm not sure I have any good advice, just to say I often feel like this too!!!
    I just went on holiday and that helped me get a few off my TBR.
    New follower here.

  4. Hey :) I think I should go on holiday lol :) Thanks for leaving a comment anf following much appreciate :)
    Kerry-Ann xo