Interview with Brad Wirz from Gone Reading .com + a Discount Code especially for YOU!

Gone Reading is more than just buying a product as the happiness we get from it we can smile even wider knowing we have brought someone out there that much closer to a whole work of  books...... The very thing some of us take for granted!

Interview with Brad Wirz:

What is Gone Reading?
GoneReading is our philanthropic brand of gifts for readers and book lovers. It’s a collection of bookish products – many that you won’t find anywhere but on our website at – to enhance your “reading lifestyle”. As a philanthropic enterprise, we’ve pledged 100% of our after-tax profits to help fund libraries in the developing world.
How and why did it begin?
Well, my wife refers to it as my mid-life crisis! The reality is that a couple of years ago I found myself on a volunteer trip to the remote jungles of Central America, several hours away from any type of modern civilization. We spent a week helping to build the region’s first library. It really hit me over the head that thousands of people, from hundreds of area villages, had never had access to books. With just a little bit of money and effort, that library now brings a world of new possibilities to those people. Their lives are changed through the power of books and reading.
I had been thinking about doing something philanthropic, and I was ready for a career change. It took me several months to formulate the plan for GoneReading, but later that same year (2010), I quit my job, ended my 20 year career in marketing, and started GoneReading.
What is the your main purpose or aim?
Our goal is to help bring massive funding to non-profit organizations that are in the business of building and developing small libraries in the poorest regions of the world. We’ve found some great organizations to which we’ve pledged our profits; I suggest you check out READ Global, Ethiopia Reads, and BiblioWorks. If we can provide big new revenue streams for these types of organizations, we’ve accomplished our goal of spreading the magic of reading to the far corners of the world.
What's your best thing about it?
It’s really the idea of “readers helping readers”. Our customers are really, really passionate about reading. Through the purchase of our products, which bring great joy into their lives, they now have the ability to do the same for people they will never meet on the other side of the world. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.
Is there anything specific you'd like readers to know about Gone Reading that is not included above?
We really just want people – especially avid readers like those who read your blog – to follow our story. Visit our webpage, join our email list (signup at the far bottom left hand corner of every page), and we’ll keep you updated, both on news about GoneReading as well as our latest and greatest products. Once readers visit our site, they start falling in love with our products, and they start to understand how GoneReading can spread the magic of reading.

I LOVE Gone Reading and have bought quite a few things on their myself.... here are my fave items.

Bookstore Gift: “Paradise Found” T-Shirt for Women

Book Bookmark - Bite Me

“Bite Me” Bookmark

Thee BEST thing on Gone Reading is below.... cause we all know we wish out life was like this!
Book Bookmark - Eat Sleep Read2

“Eat. Sleep. Read.” Bookmark

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Discount Code:  KERRY-ANN20

Facebook: GoneReading

What do you think of Gone Reading? Are you a fan now?

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