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My Paige Toon Review on Books and the City!

Right now I am a little excited okay screw that VERY VERY VERY excited!!!! My Review of One Perfect by Paige Toon is ON BOOKS AND THE CITY!! Right now Yep right now! You know that author who I scream alot about in reviews and keep rabbiting on about amazing, awesome, brilliant and PERFECT she is and keep trying to get everyone to read her books??!! Well this is the review of Paige Toons latest book! :) Eeeeek!!!!!

I was contacted last week by someone that works for Simon & Schuster who asked if it would be okay to use my review for the June edition of Books and the City.... as if I was ever going to say no? I was also told that Paige Toon had wrote a guest post for the June edition.... Do you have any idea how happy I am right now??


Just a little teeny tiny bit excited..... :) Well if you like to check out my review of One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon go to and then click on What's Hot my review is on the right. :)

Also don't forget to read Paige Toons Guest Post - My Perfect Summer.

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