Forgotten Friday: Q&A Caia Fox

Over the 5 years I've been blogging I have had pretty epic (to me) blog posts on A Bookish Redhead so this is a chance to take a glance over and read some of the forgotten posts from the archives. P.S It's going to be every Friday (but not EVERY Friday) 

Todays Forgetten Friday is an author Q&A with Caia Fox originally published 2015. 

Can you share with readers your latest news?

I have just released a romance novel “The Wrong Guy” which is about an ex navy SEAL bodyguard. It has a steamy dark and dominant theme from the beginning, a roller-coaster emotional ride and a feel good conclusion. You can see it here on my blog at

When not writing how do you spend your day?

I write a lot! Even when I should be doing other things like dusting and making dinner. Luckily, my family is very forgiving. For fun, I like to go to restaurants and the movies – often both in one night. Hubby and I have an all season pass so we take in as many movies as we can. I like reading books by other authors too, and I'm in a monthly book club.

Sum up your writing experience in 5 words.

Endless surprises, thrills and spills. My writing experience is a bit like my books really!

What's your favourite thing to snack on whilst writing?

Slices of apple spread with crunchy no-sugar peanut butter, otherwise Cadbury's chocolate. It depends how healthy I'm trying to be.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Just write. You don't know what you can do until you try. You learn something with everything you create and, step by baby step, it gets easier. Also be sure to publish your work. I sat on my first story Discipline and Desire (no longer for sale) for three months not daring to publish and when I did I wondered why I waited.

Is there anything specific you'd like to say to readers?

I love readers, whether they read my books or not, whether they like them or hate them. Writing in a world without readers would have far fewer surprises and be much less fun. If anyone wants to chat, I'm on Twitter a lot What else? Oh yes, there's a free story when you sign up to my update list here

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