You're invited to a Summer Wedding..

The dresses, the flowers, the speeches, the cakes! A Wedding! Who doesn't love a wedding? 

Certainly not me anyway, I love weddings and with two coming up for me in the next five months and looking at inspiration for my own I decided to feature some wedding based books perfect for summer season reads! 

Reel to Real: A Hollywood Romance Novel You Need All Eyes On!

Apologies, but I had to share three images of the front cover from USA Today Best Selling author Kahlen Aymes latest boxset! (Phew - that as a mouthful!) 

5 Authors I've wanted to Meet Since I started Blogging (AND DID)

Authors, Books! The creative geniuses behind the pages who I know we all have particular favourites. When I started book blogging in 2011 I had no idea what path I would be on and I have to say I've surprised myself so much on what I will do to meet my favourite authors! 

Should I mention I don't mean like kick a puppy or rip up books!? (Not precious books) I mean along the lines of persuading Mr Bookish Redhead to cancel a holiday to Spain he wanted just so we could to Edinburgh so I could meet Jennifer L Armentrout AND Samantha Young. Anyone would! Right? And he did have a good time! 

Release Day for The Last Piece of My Heart by Paige Toon

It's that time of year again, Paige Toon's latest release! I look forward to the month of May every year as that's when this amazing author releases her adult fiction books and without me going on and on about how amazing Paige Toon is as a writer? Check out my previous reviews of her books via the links at the bottom of this post. 

5 May Book Releases You Need on Your TBR!

New Month! Fresh new books with that newness smell to them that will be added to our lists to read.. Ofcourse adding them to the already extensively long pile that is marked as a TBR! TBR = To Be Read! (For any reader not understanding)