Review Policy

I am a romance blogger and reader at heart although I will consider all book review requests. The main genres I enjoy reading are adult contemporary, erotica and New Adult.  I do read Young Adult but it's varied how often I pick up the genre and give it a go. 

Cliffhangers are a big NO for me, so are love triangles and characters that are shipped though don't end up together.. I was one of "those crazy Twilight girls" and Stephanie Meyer tormented my bookish life enough over the years with that Edward/Bella/Jacob love triangle that I've had enough to last me a lifetime.. 

There are certain things I NOT make exceptions for and I cannot stress this enough, I will not consider books about fires, (incuding: Fire scenes & Firemen, *even half naked ones*), Eating Disorders or anything with an unsettling or frightening nature. 

These reasons are not aimed at any novel/author in particular and are due to my own personal reasons which I will not disclose.

Reviews are posted on A Bookish Redhead, Amazon, Goodreads.

I accept review requests from authors, publishers & PR teams. I encourage self-published and indie publishers to get in touch. 

If you are interested in A Bookish Redhead reviewing a book for you please get in touch. I will be 100% honest in sharing my opinion, in the unlikely case I don't happen to get into a swing with reading it or I'm not enjoying it I will let you know why. We can't love all books.. What may not be my cup of tea may be someone elses. 

I understand that if you are requesting alot of bloggers to review your novel to include all email addresses in one email although to keep protected from spam and so forth, I must ask can you please keep my email in the BCC.

Formats I accept: Saving both time and money I prefer Kindle format although I will accept paperback/hardback/galleys.


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