Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon My Round up!

I couldn't wait for the read-a-thon to start. The excitement in me was building every time the clock ticked. Although I started 10 minutes after I was meant to as I kind of had a few problems.

I'd already started reading Forsaken The Demon Trappers by Jana Oliver and I as I tried to put it down and started a new book for the read-a-thon I just couldn't get into my mind what was happening I couldn't picture the scenario or anything or what the characters looked like. After a while I put it down and was glad when my hands fell upon Forsaken. I'd been dying to read it.

About 20 minutes on I'd already read more pages than I half expected to. I did have a break every few hours I have a time thing below every time I updated it :) I finished reading Forsaken that night and was so relieved when I'd finished it cause I wanted to finish it so much to see what happened in it. (My review of Forsaken will be up soon) Keep a look out.

Lying in bed I thought about which book to read first then I chose Evercrossed the second book to Kissed by An angel by Elizabeth Chandler. I read the first 12 pages then stopped. Apparently reading about a seance at night isn't good for me. So after I put the book down I  . . . . . didn't realise how tired I must have been and I fell asleep.

I woke up ate 8am the next morning got up brought my Evercrossed book with me determined to read it and I started it. (Review up later) I read the book none-stop that day and finished it that night. I couldn't believe I'd actually read a book in a day. I was so proud of myself.

I can't wait for the next read-a-thon. :)

I learnt so much about myself doing this. I know it sounds stupid but I did. I really enjoyed myself doing what other people love doing and we all did it as a team. No matter how much or how little we read we cheered each other on! Especially the cheerleaders they were AWESOME!! :)

Thanks :)  x x

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