Author Interview with Hope Sargent

Date Originally Posted: Friday 11 March 2011.

Heelloo to my followers! :) All 51 of them! I'm in shock! I think my jaw is forever staying at the ground. If yous read on I have my first official interview with Hope Sargent. She is the author of All the Kings Men which is 1 of 6, the book is NOT out yet to buy I'm afraid but this should keep you satisfied ! Someone told me to check this book out . .  and I actually forget who that was opps apologies . . . :)  when I read what this book was about I wanted to read more, I can't wait for it to be released.

As this is the first ever interview I have done I hope the questions are good and yous like them! :)

March 8 at 9:03am

What's it like knowing people are going to be able to buy the book you have worked so hard on writing? 

Honest its a dream, because I don't have to beg. They will see the cover, read the back and say WOW yes wow. I want that. I want to be lost in that world, because it is one book that can truly take you places you never thought of. Its dark, seductive, and it leaves you wanting more. So having this dream come true, is an honor.
What was going through your mind when you first saw your book in print?


Where do you get your inspiration from?

My life, It started when I was just eleven. Everything bad pretty much went into the books. Any anger, or pain inflicted against me. I took it out in writing. Honestly was the best therepy. The best ideas come from your darkest days. Just have to be ready to open up and look.

Who would you say is your inspiration for this book? 

My Inspiration, a dream.. It was found long ago in a dark place. The dank castle was horribly smelly that even in my dream I could smell it. The flesh the blood, and then there he was.. Bastian.. Mr Morningstar. He caught my breath his dark saauve way, and then the way he moved. The look he gave.. I was pulled into his arms, and from then on he haunts me. Only recently have I found that Bas could only be played by Ed Westwick, if he was ever cast in a movie. (keeps fingers crossed) Yes, he is truly the masterpiece for it all.

Can you tell us abit about your first book, and the characters? 

It begins with Kai, he is the King of Allunder, a beautiful land where Dragons and Warriors run alike. The world where beginning was beautiful, and the ending ever so fateful. Cassandra a gypsy woman entering his castle is very seductive, and within an instant she has him, rocking him into her grasp. You can only imagine what will happen, when a King and a Vampiress's dragon takes him for everything he has. 
The book begins with the present, and continues to pull you back into the past. You will either love her {Cassandra} Or hate her. Its not a win win situation though. With so many twists and turns this book will shock you into its world. I can promise nothing is ever certain.

For aspiring authors is there any advice you could tell them? 

GO FOR IT! Don't look back, just move on forward. There will be people out there that will try and take you for everything you have. Don't ever let anyone do this to you. This is your work, and you deserve to make it. Heck you have written it, its your destiny. Now just reach for it. 
And finally why should people read your book? 
Well if you like Twilight, or Harry Potter. This book gives you a bit of both. Its not only the best mix. But with the ups and downs, twists it will never stop gripping you. You won't be able to put it down.

Thanks for reading <3 

what do you think of this book? will you read it? 

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