Author Interview with M. J. L Watson

In 2011, following the tragic death of her daughter, Keely decides to leave her life in Nottingham behind and start a new one elsewhere.  After researching her ancestral routes she is drawn to County Kerry, Ireland and arranges to rent a cottage close to Killarney National Park.  She soon meets a mysterious yet extremely handsome stranger named Regan and begins to fall secretly in love with him.  When Regan has to leave suddenly, Keely is devastated and, in an effort to keep herself occupied, she finds a kindred spirit in her friend’s brother, Robert.  As they grow closer, he boldly declares his love for Keely but she rejects his advances and waits for Regan to come back, leaving Robert heartbroken and tormented.

Regan eventually returns and immediately admits his love for her.  But, all is not what it seems and with his arrival comes news that will shatter all Keely knows about the world today and he leads her into the magical world of The Sidhe, the legendary fairy folk of Ireland.  Before long Keely becomes the unwitting cause of a great war between the Irish and Welsh Fairy tribes.  And, when a close friend betrays her and leads her into the clutches of Queen Mab of the Welsh Fairy realm, Keely is forced to make a decision, whether to save her one true love, Regan or give her daughter another chance at life.

What was it like when first held your book  knowing people were going to be able to puchase it and read it?
It was strange but in a very good way. Surreal really.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My dreams

I saw on your facebook page you like 30 seconds to Mars, I love them. Is their any song of  theirs you love?
Closer to the Edge, probably because this came out just after I saw the guys live for the first time. I saw them three times last year.

Bluebell cottage to me sounds amazing. I'm seeing if a book shop can order it in for me. If people see your book why should they buy it?
It's a celebration of British mythology with magic, love and war and is for all ages.

Do you have any favourite authors that books you love reading? no

what are they?
I don't have favorite authors just favorite books, such as Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies, The Hobbit, The Picture of Dorian Gray and many more.

While on your FB page I was looking through what actors and actresses' you'd like to see play the characters.
I absoulutely love Sienna Miller, why did you choose her? - Because she is perfect for the part and she is an extremely talented actress.

I'm an aspiring author, Is there any advice you could give to me as  well as other aspiring authors?
When you write make sure you write from the heart and always  do your research!

What do yous think? Would you read it?

Kerry-Ann x x

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