Interview with Michele Jaffe

I have had the opportunity to send the very popular Michele Jaffe some questions. She kindly took the time out and answered them which I'm very thankful and happy about. THANK YOU!

About the author:

Michele is the author of the Bad Kitty series of YA books as well as thrillers and romances for adults. After getting her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Harvard, she retired from academia and decided to become an FBI special agent or glamorous showgirl, but somehow instead ended up writing.  A native of Los Angeles, California, Michele and her sparkly shoes currently reside in New York City.

Interview with Michele:

Hi Michele thanks for taking the time out and answering some questions.
Where do you  get your inspiration from?

This question is always so hard for me to answer with precision but if I had to chose one thing, I'd say it was lunch. I use lunch as a reward system to inspire me to write a LOT. Like if I write X amount I get to have bread and water, X+5 pages maybe some gruel, X+10 pages=TACOS. As you can imagine, I end up eating lunch at dinner time a lot. Tacos are worth holding out for.

In terms of content, the inspiration for plots and characters and scenes can come from anything, a news story I read, a piece of street art, a conversation I overhear at the supermarket, an ad I see as I'm almost-getting-hit-by-a-truck-because-I-am-looking-at-the-ad-not-where-I'm-going while riding my bike. Its one of the most exciting but hard to pin down parts of being a writer.
Also, as in the bike example, possibly most dangerous. 
Out of your YA books what has been your favourite to write?

The right answer, I'm told, is "I like them all equally" but that is not true. I like them all *differently*. I love doing the Bad Kitty books because they are funny and closest to my personality and involve food, boots and dead people, three of my favorite things. But I also like the thrillers I've been writing recently because they involve suspense, adverbs and dead people which are also some of my favorite things. 
Are you currently working on anything at the moment? Can you tell us abit about it?

I'm working on approximately five zillion things (divided by a zillion) but the main two are the final edits for my next YA thriller, called Ghost Flower which is in the style of Rosebush, and a new adult historical series set in the steamy cabarets and clubs of Berlin in 1932 as the nazis come to power.
Is there any books/authors that you like?

To answer that I'd have to pick SELECT ALL. I read all the time, and I read everything. Right now most of my book time is taken up by things with titles like "Berlin Diaries" and "History of Nazis" and "More! History! Of! Nazis!" because I'm researching my next series, but I'm also reading Overbite by Meg Cabot, a collection of Modesty Blaise comic strips from the 1970's, Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens, and The Big Payback a history of hip-hop by Dan Charnas.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Yes! Three things:
1. Write. Write every day. The hardest thing about being a writer is having the discipline to keep working on a book. Its like being a jedi (only not so much with the robes), many begin, few finish. But here is a staggering fact: if you write just one  page a day, you'll have a book by the end of the year.
3. Go to college for something not directly related to writing. This will give you broader experience to fuel your writing, and also help you pay for food and a roof because writing is a delightful, but not always rich, mistress.
Can you tell readers one random fact about yourself?

I wear roller skates at my desk all day while I'm working. It makes going to the bathroom so much more fun (and potentially dangerous, especially when I (try to) do twirls).
Michele's Official:
Twitter: @michelejaffe

I want to give a hugh thanks to Michele for doing this. I really appreciate it.

What did everyone think of the interview? Have you read any of Michele's books? what did you think?


Kerry-Ann  x

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