I joined R.A.K! :) Have you too?

I have joined R.A.K Random Acts Of Kindness! Thank you to my wonderful sister who I have been pestering for weks and months to show me how to do it. . . :)

R.A.K is hosted each month by Book Soul Mates !!

If your on R.A.K link your list below and I'll have a look.

As you will see on my list I've kind of gone Jennifer Laurens mad. .  Sorrry just really wanna read all her books.

Here's a link to mine:(Click Here) Ohh something else it's my 18th Birthday on 23 August lol incase yous are feeling extra nice! :)

Soo come on get linking your lists below so I have an idea of what books everyone wishes they had.

Thanks :)

Kerry-Ann xo


  1. Enjoy the RAK! You can find my wishlist here: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/wishlist/661152/Vilija

    P.S. Happy Birthday in advance!

  2. Thanks for commenting, I'll have a look at it. :)

    Aww Thank you, I appreciate it. xx