Need you help!!

First things first I need YOU help!! Yess you who is reading this!!

It's my birthday soon and my lovely parents have said I can get a Birthday Cake Made YAY!!

Buut. . .  I don't know what to get on it so that's where YOU come in!

I'm a major Paige Toon/Jenson Button fan Yep (if you haven't known already) soo. . . I want a cover of one of her books or Jenson Buttons F1 car!

Below are the covers I have a poll top right left corner of my blog so you can vote their or by commenting in this post! THANK YOU!! I rreeeaaaallllyyy appreciate it soo please vote and help!!

Above are all of the covers!
3674044Jenson Button driving F1 car

Jenson Button

PLEASE Vote on the poll or coment below :)



  1. I would go with the Johnny be Good definitely.

    Happy birthday!

    New follower =]


  2. Hey Thank you so much for following :) Aww thanks :) Thanks for voting :) xx