Halloween Giveaway: Win Dark Secrets by Elizabeth Chandler

For Halloween I thought it would be good to share some scary stories, you in?? I know you will be when I tell you which authors are!! :) I have gotten a few AMAZING authors to tell us their scariest memory or story. Excited yet?? YEP me to!

I thought Dark Secrets suited this giveaway pretty darn well so

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You must share your scariest memory or story.
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Below you can read my scariest memory along with the authors!! :)


Mine: This happened to me years ago it was near where I used to live (I'm not gonna tell you) I was out with my sister and a few friends, it was Halloween night (I think) We were all standing out side one of my friends house when we saw this car drive past really slowly. . . There was a young man driving and there was another person in the passenger seat. They seemed to be all dressed in black so I didn't see if it was a man or a women I'm guessing man. Anyways the car stopped and the car light went on. My friends and I all stood and watched to see what happened next. The man in black turned round . . . they were wearing a Scream mask! He tilted his head from right to left then held up in his hand a knife . . . with the knife in his hand he started moving it so it was like he was stabbing someone!!! All my friends screamed and tried to rush into her house while I stood mesmerized!! I watched to see what they would do but they just sped off in there car! I've been scared of Scream ever since. My family and friends can't even mention it and I also have nightmares sometimes too. . . 

Katie M John: Happy Halloween everybody. Kerry invited me to share a spooky tale or two and so I thought I would share the following experiences. There have been several others but these are the ones which have really stayed with me.
When I was about eight years old, my parents booked for us to stay in an old Rectory in Dorset. It was a really beautiful place, kind of medieval looking with roses around the door. It was quite old and run down on the inside; not much modernisation had taken place. It was still the old iron beds and patchwork covers.  
On the first night there I remember being woken up by the sound of  a strange thudding, but my parents reassured me it was the old central heating system - I wasn't overly convinced.
I was even less convinced the next morning when I walked down the stairs (they were a half turn set of stairs with a landing half way down) to see a dense dark shadow, about six foot tall and wearing a hat. I remember being quite distressed and my mum telling me I was imagining it. Years later she told me that although she hadn't said so at the time, she saw the same shadowy figure several times on the holiday. When she did a bit more digging around she discovered that other guests had seen the figure and they believed it was the ghost of a vicar who fell down the stairs and broke his neck. It would certainly explain the strange bumps in the night.
When I left university I worked in an old bookshop in Gloucester. I'd only been there a couple of days when I kept smelling really strong wafts of lavender. It was strange because it would often come when we were at our quietest and literally felt as if somebody had just walked by.  Their was an antiquarian bookstore on the floor above and very often I'd hear a thump and then later find books on the floor. The third story of the bookshop was disused and rarely visited, but very often as I came back from the staffroom, I would hear the soft steps of slippered feet on the stairs; when you put your hand out it would be like literally touching a cold metal door of air.
Kerry Sparks: It was Halloween night. I was in college, coming home from a Halloween party. It was dark and there were handfuls of students walking about. One person stood out from the rest. He was wearing a Scream mask and a dark black robe paired with midnight pants. I saw him for a few seconds then he disappeared behind a tree. I got into my car and then I went to put my key in the ignition. Suddenly, I felt someone looking inside the car. I looked at the front windshield and BAM! there was the Scream mask plastered across the windshield. AGHH! I jumped. I quickly started the car and honked the horn at him, and he lurked away.
.··*¯´´·.¸¸.·`*`·.¸¸.·´´¯*··. .··`¯´*·.¸¸..··*¯´´·.¸¸.·`*`·.¸¸.·´´¯*··. .··`¯´*·.¸¸.
WOW!!! I'm scared! What did you think of our scary stories and memories?? We told you ours. . .  Now we want to know yours . . .
P.S . .  Are you 100% Positive you locked and closed up all your windows and doors tonight?? Why don't you have another check just to be on the safe side. . . oh and don't forget to look under your bed!!
I will not take responsible for any night-mares that you may occur this is abit of fun so please do not email me in a month saying you have been dreaming of a monster hiding under your bed!! :)


  1. my most scariest memory was in a haunted house and my mom is in a wheel chair so we didnt go the same route as everybody else. So we were under the impression nothing would happen! how wrong was i... a guy in the dark started chasing us with a freaking chain saw... try running in the dark with a smoke machine and a wheel chair. I had several mini heart attacks!

    mel91284 at yahoo dot com

  2. GFC: Mary Preston

    My scariest memory was from when I was about 6. I woke up one morning & my Mother was not there in the house. I walked around & around searching & asking for her. No one told me a thing. MUCH later they said she was in the hospital. I freaked out some more. 6 days later she returned with the spawn of Satan all bundled up in a baby blanket. He screamed, demanded our obedience & was red in the face. The Devil had come to stay. (Thank goodness he grew out of it.)


  3. it was quite recent. i was walking the road to my house, it was very dark since there was no lights when suddenly the music on my cellphone played. i was shocked because it was really quite and then the music started to play. i had no idea how it played because when i checked my phone its on silent mode :3 really weird and scary :O

    punkme15 at gmail dot com

  4. I'm not sure really how to explain it, because it wasn't something tangible (is that the right word?) like having someone peer into your car. Instead, it was more of a feeling. I still don't know for sure what really happened, but here's what I do know.

    It was the beginning of this year. I was leaving my grandparents house with my mom. It was night time, and I had come out to the car alone to put my things in the car while my mom said goodbye to everyone. I'm not sure how it happened, but I suddenly started feeling really nervous. A deep fear had overtaken me, but it wasn't like my fear of spiders or my fear of heights. It was much worse than that. For the first time that I can remember, I felt strongly that I was being watched.

    It quickly got worse. My breathing and heart beat grew faster, and I found myself looking around in fear, but everywhere I turned, it still felt like someone was watching me from behind. At that point, the only way I can describe the feeling is that it felt like I was about to be murdered. I quickly ran back to the house, but I didn't feel better until the next morning.

    I'm not sure what happened to make me feel that way, or what could have happened had I stayed there much longer, but whatever happened, I can't shake the memory of that ominous feeling.


  5. My scariest memory was actually a dream, though I didn't know that I was asleep so it seemed real. The doorbell rang as we were all watching tv and I knew instinctively that it was someone here to kidnap me. I ran down the hall and hid under a blanket in a bedroom, shaking with terror. A man came into the house and I could hear his foorsteps coming closer and closer. To my horror, I realized that only my head was covered by the blanket and that the rest of me was in full view. I tried to hide myself properly but it was too late. The man grabbed my ankles and dragged me out, screaming. It was the worst nightmare I have ever had.


  6. When I was younger, my family and I had just came home from a late church service. About an hour or two later it was time for bed, but I couldn't sleep at all that night. I kept getting this really creepy feeling that something was watching me. Throughout the night the feeling became more uncomfortable. I began hearing something outside my window and car doors continuously slamming, but no one was there. The whispering continued and there was a noise out in my hall that sounded like a bunch of people marching.
    My younger sister and I shared a room back then, so I tried waking her up. When I did, all the noise stopped. I'm not one who gets creeped out easily, but that was easily THE creepiest night of my life. I still get shivers just thinking about it.