Nothing to do with books!! :D

Okay soo. . . This post has nothing to do with books. . . But I thought everyone should have a listen to what I get woken up to every morning around 7am!! :)
Below is a link to a video on my youtube channel! The lovely video is my mum singing Jessie J! She's a massive Jessie J fan and I have to listen to her squeling to her album every morning! :)

Ohh one problem though!! She had no idea I was filming her at the start . . .  as I left the camera outside her bedroom door. . . and now has no clue I uploaded it to youtube!! :)

Click below to have a gawk!!!

:) Don't forget to tweet and share it!! If yous wanna feel nice :)

How should I tell her??? Think she's got the X Factor??

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