Review: Words of Inspiration from your own Kind by Rachel Greer

Words of Inspiration from Your Own KindPaperback, 108 pages
Published May 5th 2011 by AuthorHouse
1456738046 (ISBN13: 9781456738044)

Words of Inspiration from your own kind is an amazing, exceptionally brilliant book. It is filled with poems and poems that are so real and understanding.
I felt I could connect with some of them and know what the author means as they are so emotional and very very true. There were a few I loved but one that stood out from the rest for me was the one below and I've been allowed to tell yous all which one it is.
I have Risen
I will stand in the darkest moments, even if n that moment,
 I become depress,
That's the strength in me, I am that strong
If they drag me down in the dirt, I will come up cleaner.
To be all I can be is my focus
To be real at all times, I shall remain
I have to watch my back because people ain't what they portray to be
To keep the work ethic and believe in myself is all I remain to do.
To try to be a civilized young person is my mind state
Knowing there's nothing I can't do is my mind state
So ambitious mistaken to be conceited
Just smile when they talk down on me is all I will do
To continue to excel in every possible way is what I must thrive to do
To reach for the stars is what I will do, driven
I have risen
Any kind of writing just doesn't get any better than that. It is extraordinary and so so amazingly written. This book has definitely put alot of things in perspective for me and I can't believe how reading this book page after page I thoroughly enjoyed!
Everyone should read this novel! As it will near enough change the way you see things for the better! :)
Rachel Greer is a very talented author one which I know I will read any of her future work as Words of Inspiration just can't be enough!

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