Blogoversary Day 10: One Year Ago!

YAY! *Cheers* We've reached the last day of my blogoversary party!! :) *BIG SMILES* It just so happens I've ended it on the day I started it! One Year ago I started Reading A Little Bit Of Everything! Wow, How far I've come! It's been such an amazing, eye opening, explosive, thrilling year! and I wouldn't change any minute of it if I could!

Happy Blogoversary to me! Happy Blogoversary to me! Happy Blogoversary to mee! Happy Blogoversary tooo meeee!! :D
Be prepared this will be a long post so get some sugar in your system and read on lol

There are so many people I want to thank for helping through my year of blogging. Of course my lovely followers for following my blog that are interested in my posts. Also to those who take the time out to comment on posts! I love comments!! Makes me feel like people actually care what I do on my blog and like it!! THANK YOU!!!

First to the authors who have taken part through my 10 day blogoversary party! I organised it on such short notice and all authors helped me so much by taken part! THANK YOU! I really appreciate it! A massive thanks to Jana Oliver, C.A Kunz, Jennifer Laurens, Samantha Young and Alecia Stone! I'm so thankful!

To all the authors I have had on my blog in the past year doing interviews, guest posts, character interviews/profiles and participating in giveaways and all that! A MASSIVE TY! I wouldn't have been able to blog really without so many nice authors taking the time out and being on my blog!

I also turned 18 this year! :) So now I was officially an adult I started a book blog for my more . . . adult side . . . The name gives it away! Shhhh!! A Redheads Guilty Reads <-----Click!!

There have been so many high and low times on my blog! To name but a few one was when I changed the URL link of my blog and lost all my 400 followers which I'd gained in my first 3 months of blogging and had to start it again. . . :O Although at the time I was very annoyed with myself for doing I suppose it was good thing as alot of people who had followed it starting following this one! So THANK YOU A BUNCH! Give yourself a big hug from me! :) A very very high point though has to be when I interviewed Paige Toon and Jana Oliver! I mean to me in the book world there like Justin Bieber to a Belieber in the music world! I love there writing and with every novel there novels get better and better I couldn't believe when I had them on my blog! :) It was just an amazing feeling!! Plus Jane Green! I mean Jane Green an author whose novels I love so much!

All the author interviews I've done are in a tab at the top or you can simply click on this link to have a look!

Also I've reviewed some pretty amazing books in the last year too!
  • A Season of Eden, Heavenly and Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens
  • Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler
  • Baby Be Mine by Paige Toon
  • Forsaken, Forbidden and Forgiven by Jana Oliver
  • Sherry & Narcotics by Nina Marie Gardner
  • In Leah's Wake by Terri Long
  • Pretty Twisted by Gina Blaxill
  • To Marry A Prince by Sophie Page
  • Betrayal by Mayandree Michel
All links to reviews are in the tab titles Book Reviews or you can click on this link:

For the last 10 days I have been having a Blogoversary Party celebrating my one year! :)
All the schedule is in the tab titled Blogoversary and it will only be available till sometime this week after that I'll be deleting it and moving every post link into the their other tab! :) Like My review of Forgiven will go in the Book Reviews tab . . . you get the picture right?? lol Below is a link to the Blogoversary tab:

I have also some neat giveaways going atm in aid of the blogoversary!

There's the main giveaway which the form for the raffle copter is in the tab here:

Also I have a *signed* copy of Restricted by Jennifer Kinsel up for grabs here:

Alecia Stone who did a guest post for my blogoversary has also offered a *signed* copy of her book to one lucky person as well here:

Good-luck in all giveaways if you enter!! :)

Also today there is loads of other signed swag added to my main giveaway! :) So you really should enter! I There's like to much to tell you that has been added soo . . . I'll try and get the pic later for you. :) It's WORLDWIDE btw! :)

I didn't quite reach my goal of 500 followers but I'm darn lucky to have as many as I do! THANK YOU!

If there's any authors reading this and want to do something on my blog email me here: or you click the Contact me tab . . . I really have a tab for everything don't I? lol

I also have my Get to know your blogger event which is every Saturday! Again click the tab lol titled Get to know your blogger my email address is in the tab!

So . . . is this the end of the post? I guess it is! So who's gona stay with me for another fun filled year???

For the next year of blogging which starts tomorrow!! So soon? Really?? Don't I get to go off to some sunny place with my fictional boyfriends for a week? No? Darn! I guess Patch, Beck, Matthias, Ryan, Taylor, and Prince Richard will have to wait . . . :'(

I want to make this next year even better! So any opinions or ideas you have for my blog please share!! You can leave a comment or email me! If you want to see something on my blog tell me! ANYTHING will be gratefully welcomed! Unless of course you tell me any of my fictional boyfriends are yours which their not! Have you realised most of them prefer redheads? YAY! :) Anyways before I get side tracked!

I'm organising my very first blog tour! OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEEAAHHHH!! I'll get all info for it soon! BUT! If you want to maybe take part email me before Tuesday or Wednesday and maybe we can sort something out! The books about Zombies!! :)

I also have totes awesome stuff planned which is all secret SORRY! until I get confirmation for it! So look out!! :) Some amazing authors may be . .  dropping . . . by!!! :) Shhhh!!!

What's been your highlight on my blog this year? Anything you want to see on my blog? Have you enjoyed the blogoversary party? Any book recommendations? Anything at all you wanna share?



  1. It was a really really great event, you did so well. i had fun each time ( but i admit i didn't comment on one day but i've read the post^^)

    you should just continue like you did

    again Happy Blogoversary

    all the best

    1. YAY! So glad you think so. :) TY! lol I appreciate your support so much.

      Thank you . . . I guess I wil lol :)

      YAY TY!!

      I sent you an email :) xx

    2. Thanks you so so much, you really are the best *_* you just did my day thanks you

    3. Your so welcome :) YAY! That's awesome thank you :)

  2. Thanks for this quite innovative post. keep blogging.

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  3. My highlights are always going to be author interviews. Writers are my heroes.


    1. Ohh that's awesome! I'm glad you like them. I've some awesome authors planned coming up on the blog so you'll really enjoy there interviews. :) I agree mine to . :) xx