Blogoversary Day 3: Guest Post/Flash Fiction and Giveaway: Samantha Youngs Favourite Mythical Creature

What is your favourite supernatural/mythical creature?
Samantha Young tells us hers in Flash Fiction below. . .

The world is shrouded by a sky of black velvet draped across the body of the eart in hopes of easing it into slumber. Stars twinkle sporadically acting as gentle nightlights.

A breeze restles the leaves of the trees and the blades of grass; green turned black in the dead of night.

But there . . .

Over there . . .

. . . do you see those trees silhouetted by the streaming light of the moon? That darn moon. Its ethereal cast calls to some but not to others. Its pull is strong in them.

What's this? A shadow moving between the trees. A flash of colour moving between the shades of light and dark.

A growl?

A warning?

A large paw slides into sight. Huge paw. Claws as long as the nails in my father's toolkit. Eyes glint silver in the dark.

A second paw joins the other.

Movment, animalistic, regal, raw . . . terrifying . . . a muzzle dips in greeting. Copper fur shivers.

What are you doing here?

You shouldn't be here.

He bathes in the light of the moon like an actor bowing in the spotlight. He knows he is spellbinding.

Hours must pass. Eyes telling stories.

The moon begins to drop from it's crest.

Silver eyes widen.

Pop. Crack. Whine. Growl. Roar.

Claws dig the dirt. A spine ripples. Vocal chords break on a scream of agony. Tears streak tan cheeks. Sweat glistens on the shuddering skin wrapped around familiar yet unfamiliar bones.

Black velvet peels back. Day streams in.

He looks up. Chin thrust out. Eyes blazing. Challenging.

Now you know.

There is nothing quite so amazing to me as the legend of the werewolf. I love the idea of a person being able to shed not only social strictures but all the complications and worries of everyday life to pull on fur and run rampant in the wolf world. The idea of being extraordinary appeals to me (thats's why I write paranormal books!) but there's something majestically primitive about the wolf that adds to appeal to the whole idea of being super strong and capable of defending yourself. Perhaps my love stems from the romanticism/horror of the moon curse or the fact that I loved writing action sequences from the point of view of a wolf in The Tale of Lunarmorte trilogy. Either way . . . I think the werewolf is the collest supernatural kid in school.Some of my favourite books are about werewolves/shifters. To name but a few: Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause, Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell, Stray by Rachel Vincent and 13 to Life by Shannon Delaney.

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What did you think of the flash fiction post? What's your favourite supernatural/mythical creature? Enjoying the Blogoversary Party?


  1. i love werewolves too like the ones from kate daniels worls, mercy thompson etc... so the one that keep a part of humanity but are more loyal and protective ^^ ( not the one that are just stupid and cruel....)

    all the best


    1. Ohh I've never heard of them authors defo gona check out their work. :) I agree 100% with you about the humanity bit. :) Good-Luck :)

      P.S The rafflecopter for the main giveaway is available in the Blogoversary tab if you want to enter. :)

    2. these were the title of the serie the author are Ilona Andrews and patricia Briggs

    3. Ohh lol :) Sorry I got confused :) Thanks so gona check them out :D

  2. I'm in love with Angels: good, bad & everything in-between. A great post thank you.

    GFC: Mary Preston