Blogoversary Day 4: Review of Forgiven by Jana Oliver

I recieved a paperback copy from the publisher for review.

When you talk about your favourite book you could talk for countless hours about it. But when I talk about The Demon Trappers people look at me worriedly! (in a good way of course) because you could say I'm a little bit attached (obsessed) with The Demon Trappers Series.

It is perfectly normal to date a fictional character don't worry Beck agrees with me (as he has no choice and ISN'T REAL) and as much I love Riley she just . . . isn't going there with my Backwoods boy! Got it? :) (Keep me happy eh?) 

The start of my review is sounding like a crazed obsessed girl overly attached to a book and that's not me (so me) honestly I am not attached even ask my sister cause I woke her up in the early hours of the morning and accidentally flung the book in the air getting excited about it and she told me to tell her near the whole story (I didn't shut up and forced her to listen) and she said my eyes were practically glowing. (Good thing right?)

She doesn't know I woke her up as I told her she was dreaming but you'll keep that a secret right?? My sister was so interested in them I was like YAY! I recruited a member to read The Demon Trappers although when she asked if she could read my copy of Forsaken . . . well . . . in return she got a look that said "touch my Demon Trapper books and your life depends on it" type of look. (see told you I'm not obsessed)

Jana Oliver is an amazing talented author who writes extraordinary stories capturing the minds of her readers making them beg for more.!

I have been waiting months till Forgiven was released and am so thrilled to have read it. It was amazing, simply magnificent. The way the author starts and stops her novels at exactly the same point makes the story more enjoyable for me to read as I know I'm not missing out on anything.

Forgiven starts at an amazing point and I think it has been the best yet in the series it was so much more adaptable and I felt there was more of an emotional pull in Forgiven.

I don't want to give away any spoilers but you will not be disappointed! I waited till the third book in the series to get what I wanted something which Jana knows I'm a little teeny tiny bit over excited about but the wait was well worth it! The scene was magically perfect. . . aww . . . :)

In forgiven Riley has changed quite abit I think! She's matured and has had to cope with many difficult choices but we see a grown up side to her which knows she is taking responsibility for her actions. Riley is an amazing character by far the best female character I have ever read about, she's awesome! :)

Beck . . . Beck . . . Beck . . . MY BECK!! :) Okey Dokey? M Y B E C K!!!! Now that's cleared up. :) Beck is even more perfect in Forgiven, he's still hot, and flirty, just amazingly mine. :) I'll agree Jana can't write me in The Demon Trappers to be with Beck :( so I'll allow if it happens for Riley to be with him . . . I won't have a problem! Honest!

Back to Beck, In Forgiven we even see a more mature side to him he's more open about himself and his feelings and we see him letting Riley in more which was so enjoying to read!

STEWART!!! :) YAY! There was more of him which was awesome I love him! He's such a good character, makes me smile when reading about him and he's so good with Riley.

Peter, Mort, and Ayden are more characters which I enjoy reading about as they bring a whole feeling to the series.
Jana Oliver truly deserves an award! She has wrote the best series in the world! Yes I said it and I mean it! Best series in the WORLD!!! Someone please give this author an award for her writing she is super amazing!!!!

The Demon Trappers Series is spectacular! :) There are so many more things I want to say! So I'm going to! But it you don't want to know then DO NOT highlight below.!!

The forth book in the series will be released in August . . . August . . . I'll so be able to cope right??? :O NO BECK till August!!

Sorry if this review is a little jumbled but . . . it's a demon trapper thing you'd have to read them to understand!! :D

I really don't think I want Jana to read this as she might think I'm a teensy bit mad . . . :~/

Added to the main Giveaway today is: A Demon Trappers Iron on patch. :)

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What do you think of the review? (Not crazy right??) Have you read The Demon Trapper novels? What do you think about them? Read Forgiven??


  1. it's a completly new serie for me. your review made it seem really interesting ^^ so i will perhaps check it( but my whis list is so long....^^;;)

    1. It's completely amazing, My favourite books ever! :) I can't choose between them lol You really should check them out you wouldn't be disappoinyed :D Ohh Mine too lol :)

  2. Thanks for the great review. I'm the same way when I read a great book I ramble on about for days to anyone who will listen.
    I just finished book 1&2 last week and I am dying to get my hands on Forgiven.
    I hadn't realized that there was already a cover and title for the last book so thanks for sharing!

    1. Your so welcome :) haha Ohh I was trying so hard not to ramble lol but sometimes ya can't help it :)Ohh It'sjust plain awesome you'll Love it!! :) Your so welcome :D

  3. Lol! I'm anxiously awaiting Forgiven! I have it preordered from amazon and will start stalking the mail box in about a week! I can totally understand your obsession with Beck, he is 100% awesome! My favourite character by far (sorry Riley, know it's your series but as I'm sure Kerry-Ann will agree it is Beck therefore you have no hope of competing!) lol but Riley is my second favourite character and I love Peter and Steward as well! I'm so happy we're getting a fourth book but so sad it will be the last book!

    1. Ohhh YAY! Another Demon Trapper obssesse!! :) So happy! Ohh you will love it's utterly fab!! Defo awesome!! :D YES Beck is defo the best character (with Riley close in Second) lol I agree can't wait for it to come out!! :D

  4. @ Kerry-Ann: Yup, you liked the book, that's for sure (GRINS). Thanks for the great review. There's just something about Beck that hits home with nearly all my readers, including the guys. He's just so brutally human with all his courage and shortcomings. He's been a joy to write. It's rare that an author has a character that becomes that "real".

    I was really pleased to give Master Stewart and Peter bigger roles in FORGIVEN. That was so much fun because I love them both.

    1. Haha Yep I defo liked Forgiven! Your so welcome. Everyone connects with him at one point through the books. Too bad he isn't real lol :)

      I loved rwading more about Master Stewart he's awesome! One of my favourte characters and Peter too. :) Thank you so much for commenting. It's made me so happy. :D :D

  5. I totally agree with your review, but we're going to have to fight over Beck! LOL! Although, having read Jana's excerpt with Peter, he might just be in the running too! I'm looking forward to reading it!

    Lynn Worton

    1. Ohh noo as a warning I'll fight dirty! :D lmao. It is truly amazing, you'll love it!