Blogoversary Day 5: Character Profile: Cat from The Childe by C.A Kunz

Character Profile: Cat
Full Name: Catherine Colvin
Species: Human, what a crazy question.
Age: 15
Height: Taller than most girls and a good number of guys too
Eye Colour: One brown and one blue eye, but I don’t like anyone to know so I wear a blue coloured contact
Hair Colour: Fiery red
Characteristics: I’m outgoing, I love to swim, I didn’t have any enemies until I started public school and I really don’t know why they hate me.
Likes: Robert Craven’s books and the movies based on them, hanging out with my friends, hanging out with my stray feline friend Jewels, and studying with a tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed guy.
Dislikes: Mean people are definitely at the top of my list, tomatoes, and fungus, I mean mushrooms
Strengths: I consider myself to be a loyal friend and a good listener, and will always stick up for the underdogs.
Weaknesses: Chocolate, I could eat it 24/7
Fears: That I might be going crazy with all the weird stuff that has been happening to me during this past year. This fear has kind of subsided now though once I found out I had a blood disease which I have to take disgustingly humongous pills for every day.
Dreams: I want to go to college to, but not quite sure what I want to major in. I might become a teacher, kind of lame I know, but after having Mr. Creepy Crawley for algebra this year, I want to be a positive and uplifting person in kids’ lives. Plus my Dad is a teacher so maybe the teaching gene runs in the family.
Background: I was born in Astoria and I live with my parents and brother in an old two-story Victorian house. I call the attic my home and I absolutely love to sit out on the widow’s walk that surrounds the top of the house. Up until this past year, I attended a private school in the next town over, but thankfully I was able to convince my parents to let me attend the local high school Astoria High. I have four best friends, Amanda, Elle, Julie, and Matt. My uncle is a priest in a Parrish in the next town over. My life has been pretty boring up until I started public school and weird things began to happen. I feel like I’m being watched a lot. I fainted at my birthday party and one of my awesome teachers took me to a village that doesn’t seem to exist on any map. Yep it’s been a crazy time recently.

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  1. interesting profile, and a bit of normality since she loves chocolate like most people^^

    i haven't read this book, no ( and thus no review and no link sorry)

    1. It's an amazing book and so quick to read. :) I agree so nice to see a human character lol :)

      You should defo add it to your TBR list :)