Blogoversary Day 8: Character Profile: Ryan from C.A Kunz The Childe

Character Profile: Ryan
Full Name: Ryan Beckford
Species: Hmmm I plead the fifth on this one
Age: 16
Height: over 6ft
Eye Colour: Ice blue
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Characteristics: I have a birthmark on my knee and it's
perfectly round. I hang out with a group of people that most dont like and fear, but our families have been friends forever so I guess thats why I do it.
Likes: Football, math, and a tall red-headed girl whos on the swim team.
Dislikes: Cauliflower, harsh things that my group says to others, and feeling jealous.
Strengths: I would say that Im a great team player, Im good at sports and academics, and I have certain abilities (which Im just going to leave it at that)
Weaknesses: Sometimes I have a hard time saying things to others (especially a certain red-head), I can get jealous a little easily, but get over it fast, and I may or may not have an odd obsession with Twinkies.
Fears: That the secret I hold will be found out by others and that they will reject me.
Dreams: Im not quite sure about my future to be honest. Ill probably go to college on scholarship and see where that takes me. But one of my dreams right now would be to have a certain red-head accept me for what I am (once she finds out of course).
Background: My family has lived in Astoria since before I was born. I have never met any of my extended family who live in Europe (were actually not allowed to). All of our neighbours moved from Europe the same time my mom and dad did, and us kids are all friends. I keep my grades up for football and because I understand the importance of a good education, and Im also a math tutor to a beautiful red-head.

Incase yous are wondering the redhead he keeps talking about is me . . . . I'm like so suree of it! and ofcourse I accept him I mean wouldn't you?? ;)

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What did you think of the Character Profile? Isn't he dreamy?? :) Enjoying the blogoversary??


  1. quite a lot ^^ ;;
    now it will be difficult not to add it to my wish list

    1. haha I know :) It should defo be on your wish list though! :D