Blogoversary Day 9: Character Interview: Beck from The Demon Trappers by Jana Oliver

Ahhh!!! Thia ia the moment I've been waiting for . . .  and today is finally the day! Interview with my Denver Beck from The Demon Trappers by Jana Oliver!!!!

Hello Denver Beck, Can I call you Beck? Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule get comfortable How are you?
I've been better. Life is a bit crazy right now. And yeah, ya can call me Beck. Better'n some names I've heard.

Straight to the point, you have your arguments but there's strong feelings there. Are you and Riley ever going to get together? Cause you shouldn't limit yourself to one redhead who asks questions!
::guy grin:: Justine does a lot more than ask a few questions. ::sobers:: I do care a lot for Riley and if things were different, yeah it might work out with us. But things aren't good with us right now, because of that damned Fallen angel and her bein' all jealous of Justine. I'm not too sure where we're headed now and that makes me real sad.

What's the best thing about being a demon trapper?
Gettin' to kick Hell's a**. It rocks.

What does the future hold for Beck?
(The author will take this question). If Denver Beck makes exactly right decisions at the right time his future will be more awesome that even he (or Riley) can imagine

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What did you think of the interview? Isnt he like just awesome!? ;) Do you locve Beck and The Demon Trappers as much as I do?? Enjoying the Blogoversary??


  1. ^^ great interview yes, and i've done it i've added the first book to my wishlist so perhaps i will receive it for my birthday

    I really love this event thanks you a lot for doing it

    1. YAY! :) That's awesome! So hope you do! When's your birthday??

      Your so welcome. I'm so glad your've like it! :) Ty xx

  2. Oh how I love Beck,n all his southern charm!

  3. Lol! I love Beck! Wonder if he'd be willing to trade one red-head for another? If so move over Justine! Lol! love the interview and I hope for Beck's sake he does make the right decisions at the right time! I'm so excited cause I got an email from amazon yesterday to say my copy of Forgiven was on the way! Can't wait to get my hands on it! More Beck!

    1. Ahh!! YAY! :D I'm over the moon someone loves The Demon Trappers as much as me! It's like people don't understand why I'm obsessed lol! hahah Maybe we could fight Justine and share Beck . . . He's defo fictional but the feelings are so real!! lmao Ahhhhh!!! YAY! That's soo awesome! :D :D You'll have to tell me what you think of it, My Twitters KerryAnn93 lol You'll love it!!!! xxx