Blogoversary Party Day 2: Character Profile & Giveaway info: Matthias from Jennifer Laurens Heavenly Books.

Character Profile: Matthias
Full Name: Matthias Albert Mickelson
Species: Angel
Age: 23
Height: 6'1
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Sandy Blond
Likes: Milk, Music, Magic Tricks, Travelling, Dancing, Fancy Cars, Saving Souls, Changing Lives and  Romance.
Dislikes: Evil, Dishonesty, Politics.
Strengths: Matthias is committed to doing what's right. He's funny, persuasive, sensitive and not ashamed of being soft-hearted.
Weaknesses: Zoe
Fears: Not doing enough for the ones he loves. He's afraid the ones he loves won't have the faith they need to be strong.
Dreams: Matthias' perspective as an angel gives him the dream of peace on earth - and not in a cliche way - he really wishes it could be that way because he comes from the life hereafter where there IS peace and he sees the affect that has on souls.
Background: In life, he helped his father run a speakeasy in the basement of a church. He liked the ladies, expensive cars and money. He wanted to be rich. Unfortunately, the crowd he ran with turned on him, murdering him to pay off a deal gone bad.

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What do you think of Matthias? Interested in Jennifer Laurens book Heavenly? (It's amazing) Enjoying the Blogoversary Party?


  1. i'm really interested in this book and now even more after this post ^^

    thanks you a lot

    1. It truly is an amazing book. :)

      Your so welcome :)

  2. Matthias thanks for your profiling him. But, he's blushing.

    1. He's so welcome :)

      Thanks for commenting :D

  3. I would love to read HEAVENLY thank you. I'm rather taken with Matthias.


    1. That's awesome :) I'm so glad. hmm . . . You'dbe even more so in the book lol :)