Glory Blog Tour Stop: Book Excerpt

I glanced around the car at my strange travelling companions. In their infinite wisdom the Caretakers of creation had assigned an angel, a vampire, and a witch to be my bodyguards. And they weren’t wise, mature examples of those three life forms either. No, they were rebellious, confused, questioning, and filled with the angst of youth.

What were the Caretakers thinking when they came up with this brilliant idea? Had they gotten loopy on sacramental wine and decided it would be grand entertainment to throw together an unlikely group of heroes comprised of the unborn, the undead, the unearthly, and me, the unwilling? Did they decide to use teenagers because it was the adults who had gotten humanity into this huge mess in the first place? Was the continuation of all our respective species really resting on our youthful shoulders? Did the Caretakers think this plan through?

We were all in a whole lot of trouble.


  1. Thank you so much for launching my book tour. It's going to be an exciting two weeks!

    1. Your so welcome :) I love being apart of it. :) Defo gona be exciting. :) xx