Review: To Marry a Prince by Sophie Page

Author: Sophie is the pen name of author Jenny Haddon, who also writes under her own name and as Sophie Weston. She lives in London.
If you are curious about her, there is a brief biography at, where you will also find a couple of short stories.

To Marry a Prince is an amazing, stunning, beautiful novel with ordinary girl who marries her Prince! Prince Richard of England!!

Bella Greenwood is a loving, wonderful strong female character who made me laugh and smile through reading the whole entire book.

Richard I adored and not just cause he's the main character but he's so genuine. I loved reading about him. He was such a fantastic character.

Bella and Richard meet at such an awkward and embarrassing moment for her. As she's on the ground surrounded by Ivy and plant pots. But the hero that is Richard sweeps in with his dancing eyes and helps Bella recover from her untimely mistake.

Bella soon realises she's sitting in the near dark outside telling this man whom she just met all about her life. Even the bad bits! Though Richard is quickly impressed with her and enjoys talking with her.

All too soon Cinderella is whisked of home near the stroke of midnight in a taxi only to realise in the morning her shoes are quite safe but her mobile has been misplaced! Calling her number she hears the voice of the man she'll never forget!

Richard and Bella fall in love. Truly in love! With their fair share of scandals and highlights in the newspapers they don't really give a damn as long as they have each other. Their story is phenomenal and also quite obsessive. They take readers on a whirlwind romance or just an ordinary love with a girl falling in love with her prince.

I love the Royals! Like love them and reading about the royals in To Marry a Prince was fantastic! George is Richards brother and while Richard is the sensible brother. George is the total opposite from giving kisses at hen nights to going about London on a bike dressed as a gorilla the brothers are so different.

George is one of my favourite characters he's funny and intriguing and acts only sometimes the way he should. Immediately he likes Bella and thinks she's perfect for his brother as it gives Richard that little bit of freedom.

Princess Eleanor the brothers sister is so the party girl always up for a fun time and cases quite a scandal on Bella's hen night. I liked reading about her as she fit in so well with the characters.

Lottie is Bella's best friend and also chief bridesmaid which Lady Pansy is not to thrilled about. She's funny and a brilliant intriguing character to read about, through the book I thought their were a few men who she could have started a romance with but it never quite happened. Lottie was such an amazing character though and such a true honest best friend!!

I loved Bella's parents. Her biological parents Fin and Janet and her step-father Kevin. They were so enjoying to read about as it gave a good twist to the story.

All in All To Mary a Prince I thoroughly loved reading page after page! It was truly an amazing story one which I could never tire of. I will defo read it again as it is the perfect romance for all ages!


  1. I agree, its a lovely book, and I really enjoyed the premise of the royal family we might have had!

    Melinda Hammond

    1. Hey Melinda, Thanks for commenting. :) Ohh I agree with you on that. :) xx