The Secret of the Keepers Blog Tour: Character Profile & Giveaway

Name: Rune

Species: Urisk
Age: unknown
Height: approximately 4 feet
Eyes: slate gray
Hair: black feathers
Skin Color: Dark gray

Characteristics: Rune is wiry in stature with arms that are disproportionally long. His ears point above his head, and his teeth are jagged and gray. Humans fear the Urisk because of their looks, but they are kind beings and would do anything for those they love.  
Likes: Rune likes to watch birds fly, especially falcons. His favorite food is any dark leafy vegetable, and he loves mushrooms. He enjoys playing the flute, weaving various melodies together to create and express. Rune speaks all languages fluently, including those of the animals, but he can only speak telepathically in the ancient language.  He has a great affinity for water, and he considers Red Sphagnum, a species of bog moss, a delicacy to eat.
Dislikes: As the Urisk are extremely loyal by nature, Rune cannot abide any measure of deceit. He hates manipulation and lying, and he has no patience with self-important people. He doesn’t like sweet flavors, and will only drink water. He cannot stand wearing shirts or shoes, and would rather go in the all-together as God intended. 
Strengths: Rune is a fierce warrior who comes from the clan of the original keepers of light. He will not lie, but he does not allow the truth to run freely either. He is extremely intelligent and fiercely loyal to Nora, and he knows more of the land’s history than Malachi.
Weaknesses: Rune doesn’t follow orders unless he feels they are either justified or necessary. He has a wicked temper, which he sometimes allows to control his actions. He often offends others and doesn’t really care.  He can be cynical at times, and the only law he follows is his own.
Fears: Rune’s only fear is that they will not succeed. While he is confident in his and Nora’s abilities, he views the Alfar as weak and is unsure of their abilities to defend.  
Dreams: Runes dream is to find the love of his life, Molly, and then help destroy the Dokkalfar so that they may go back to their homeland and live in peace.
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Character Profile: Rune from The Secret of the Keepers by Elizabeth Issacs


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