Spread ❤ NOT hate!

Spread Love, Not Hate
 Spread <3 NOT Hate is a Hop which was arranged by K.C Neal and K.M Parr in which bloggers could sign up and participate to get people to speak out or give even that little bit of hope to someone to is being bullied.

Their are loads of different forms of bullying but I'm going to talk about my experiences with bullying. I'm not sure if some people would call this bullying as in such but to me it's abuse, which is un-called for.

When I was in High School it was hell for me! I hated it nearly everyday I would feel awful with the thought of going, I would brush of comments made and make light of it but it did actually really get me down.

Being a natural Redhead I got called "ginger" alot just walking down a corridor students would shout it and then laugh and giggle. My friends laughed too and tried to tell me that it's funny - I guess I never saw the funny side.

Something else I get abuse for quite alot even now when I'm 18 and in the middle of the street I may add is my weight! So I'm not the skinniest girl in the world but I'm damn happy! In High School to I'd get called "fat" & "tubby" etc. I would get called worse but I don't really want to limit myself down to their standards and repeat it.

Recently and I am really recently I can honestly say I'm comfortable! I mean I'm never going to be perfect and the main thing is I'm HAPPY! I have amazing friends! Friends that wouldn't laugh if someone made a comment about me but who would stick up for me or be their to make me smile! Something which I am finally proud of is . . . I am a natural Redhead! & guys LOVE a Redhead! Trust Me! and Yeah I'm a girl a who likes her food if you can't go to see Breaking Dawn without Popcorn what's the point?? You need popcorn!

I'm trying to make light of this and try and make at least anyone smile who read this as things do get better!! I do regret something though . . . In High School I never told no one about what comments were being made about me and I should have because quite regularly it was the same guys!

Right now though right this very second someone out there is being bullied whether you are or you know someone who is! You need to speak out! You will feel a great lift from your shoulders and I'm sure if you speak out on behalf of someone they'd thank you for it!

Below are two songs which make will hopefully show you what I can't really put into words!! But they make feel feel amazing after I listen to them so I hope you do to!! :~)

A Big thank you to K.C Neal and K.M Parr for arranging this hop I am so glad I participated and so glad my sister told me all about it! :)

First song is Firework by Katy Perry but below is Glee's version as I just LOVE it! The lyrics in this song are so true and everyone should believe them!

Second song is I AM but Hilary Duff! I love singing this (not that good though).


Spread Love, Not Hate

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  1. Great post! Us redheads rule! Katy Perrys song sums it up perfectly! That you are a firework and u should let it shine x