Eternal Youth Blog Tour: Character Profile: Callie

Name: Calista Alana Bishoff (“Callie”)      

Age: 16

Physical description:  Long dark brown hair, fair skin, and emerald eyes just like her Dad, while short and petite like her neurotic mother. Shes a no-frills kinda girl.

Background : Callies dad was a big-time Hollywood director who was killed by a drunk driver when she was ten years old. Her mom didnt handle the loss very well, and the subsequent six years were spent traveling the globe in search of the Fountain of Youth. Shes ziplined through rainforests, climbed active volcanoes, and slept beneath the stars in the Australian Outback but shes never had a boyfriend. The kid in Papua New Guinea who kissed her cheek doesnt count. Even though her cousin Braden has been with them for the past few years, her moms vain search for a myth has ruined Callies life, and shes bitter. She just wants to go home to California, hang with her best friend Avery, go to school, and get a boyfriend. Like a NORMAL girl.

Who she lives with and where she lives : Depends on the day and the location. Home base in California is her Grans small, cozy house (because Callies mom sold their six bedroom mansion not too long after Dad died.) In a South American tent in the middle of nowhere, she shares with her cousin Braden (18) and her mom. But in a New Zealand hostel or a rural Egyptian hut, shes likely to be sharing with hand-sized spiders, creepy-eyed sheep that bleat with an accent, or pants-less German men with hemorrhoids.

Likes: Callie loves to read and journal, and when shes home in CA, she likes spending time with her friends. She likes French, the language, and she actually (gasp) enjoys her moms teaching lessons.

Dislikes: Traveling. She used to like it, and then it got old. She hates bugs, especially spiders, and she loathes guys who lie.

Mysteries: Callies plane has crash-landed somewhere...else. The inhabitants of this place are a little weird:

No babies are ever born.
They talk kinda funny.
They dont know what The Twilight Zone or Cracker Barrel are.
If they get hurt, their injuries heal immediately.
Callies about to find out that things arent quite what they seem, and the island holds some ancient secrets...

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  2. Thanks for hosting us on the tour! Julia :)

    1. Your so welcome! Eternal Youth sounds amazing!

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