Frequent Traveller BookBlast Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

Frequent Traveller BookBlast Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

From the blue oceans of Antigua to the bustling streets of Vietnam, the racing adrenaline at the Green Hell, the devastating natural disaster in Japan and the stunning architecture in Germany, Cathy Dixon finds herself in a whirlwind of fine dining, plush clothes and sheer extravagance.

But is perfection a mask for untold disaster? What is Cathy's secret and how will her world change when the world knows? Will her secrets ever catch up with her or will Cathy continue to sail alongside perfection in the world she has created for herself as a Frequent Traveller?

In conjunction, with the launch of MoonStar Luxury's new website (, we invite you to step into Cathy Dixon's world where more goodies, surprises and a little mystery awaits.

Frequent Traveller, the first book in the Cathy Dixon series will be free from 31 May to 4 June 2012. (Amazon link

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Brenda Youngerman Blog Tour Stop - Review: Skewed Halo

Brenda Youngerman Blog Tour Stop - Review: Skewed Halo

Reading Addiction Blog Tours
Author Bio
Brenda Youngerman writes about stories that matter. A southern California native coming from a very large family where she never felt like she fit in. “I was the youngest member of a huge family and I never really felt like I belonged there.”
Her first novel, Private Scars, was an expose of what happens to a victim of domestic abuse when they have never been exposed to it. From the moment the first review came out Youngerman realised her calling… that of the voice of the victims.. those who dont have the strength to speak for themselves. Since Private Scars (2006), Youngerman has published a novel a year, each one exposing another social issue that those in power choose not to discuss. “If one person is helped by one of my novels, that is a good day.”
Skewered Halo takes a look at the filth behind sibling rivalry that goes unnoticed by inattentive parents. Brenda is currently at work at her eighth and ninth novel (simultaneously). Website / Blog

Links to buy:
Barnes and NoblePublisherOther

Skewered Halo is like no other story you have ever read! Diane Montrose wakes up one morning to find out that her entire life has been based upon lies and treachery. Everything she thought she knows… she doesn

Its bad enough that as a young girl her older sister informed Diane that she was placed on her parents doorstep and that she was nothing better than garbage. But when, at the age of eighteen, she finally informed her parents of the story they denied the whole thing, yet still sided with the treacherous sister. To make matters worse her sister managed to dictate everything in Dianes life even though she didnt know it!

Follow along as the lies, treachery and mystery surrounding Diane are uncovered….. or are they??

Brenda Youngerman has wrote such an amazing novel with page hooking characters. Diane can do no right in her mothers eyes as well as having a sister, - Brittany- hating her every move. Diane decides to move away but is this her happily ever after? Or are things to good to be true? Find out all the answers in Skewed Halo!
Skewed Halo is a novel which I think should go to the very top of your TBR list (NOW) as it is an utterly gripping and unforgettable read! Diane is a character which you will feel a bond with. (At least I did.) The author portrays the characters in such a way that helps you understand their emotions through highs and lows.

There is truly no words to describe how much I thoroughly enjoyed this novel! I will defo be soaring the net for more of Brendas novels!

What did you think of the Review?  What do you think of Skewed Halo? (It's AMAZING)

*Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, publisher, publicist, or readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commisions 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorcements and Testimonials in Advertising*

Book Blast: Betrayed by Ednah Walters Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.

Book Blast: Betrayed by Ednah Walters Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.

This is a Book Blast for Ednah Walters author of Betrayed. Book Blast is Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.

Betrayed is a Young Adult book.

Lil isn't just an average teenager. She's one of the Nephilim--the descendants of humans and angels--which gives her some serious psi skills and a mission for redemption. Just when Lil thinks she's found a balance between her normal life with human friends and her training to become a Guardian, she's warned that someone close to her will betray her. When the boy she loves starts acting strangely and one of her human friends acquires a supernatural ability, Lil begins to realize that someone is manipulating the people she loves... and won't stop until she's been lured to the dark side.


FACEBOOK PAGE:!/GuardianLegacyBooks

Just like Awakened, Betrayed has risen above all the other books in this genre. She has created such an amazing world for her Guardians & demons where good and evil are not as simple as it seems they should be. ~J. Whitus (Book Junkies) Walking On Bookshelves

I just love a spunky heroine so I was excited to keep reading about Lil, the demon hunter I got to know in Awakened (book one of The Guardian Legacy series). Walters takes the story and world she built so well in Awakened and adds in an intense plot with lots of twists to make for a strong sequel.~ Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading)

Ednah's goodreads page can be found here:

Lil has her work cut out for her in this book and she never failed me once!
There is action in this book as well as a lot of emotional turmoil.~ Cathy Garcia

This blog where the review was originally posted has been removed:

The review is found on goodreads:


I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Hardy boys mysteries and fell in love with books

I enjoy good love stories, tingly mysteries and epic adventures. When I finished my college and decided to be a stay-at-home mother, I devoured books like they were going out of production, until reading just wasn't enough. So I started to write.

I've written picture books (unpublished), contemporary and romantic suspense (under the pen name E. B. Walters), and finally YA fantasy (as Ednah Walters).

AWAKENED (2010) is the prequel to the YA series about the Nephilim, The Guardian Legacy series. BETRAYED(book # 1) is now available wherever books are sold, HUNTED (book # 2) will be released in February 2013 andFORGOTTEN (later in 2013).

My adult contemporary with or without suspense is about a west coast Irish-American family series. I've published four Fitzgerald books: SLOW BURN (April 5th 2011), MINE UNTIL DAWN (June 29th 2011), KISS ME CRAZY (Sept 25th 2011) and DANGEROUS LOVE (Jan 29th 2012)

When I'm not writing, I do things with my family, five children and my darling husband of 18 years. I live in a picturesque valley in northern Utah, the setting for my YA series.

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Cicada Blog Tour: Interview with Belle Whittington

Cicada Blog Tour: Interview with Belle Whittington

1) Can you tell readers a bit about yourself- your writing history/journey your novel(s)?

First of all, Id like to thank you for having me over to your lovely blog for a glass of lemonade and a chat! Im so happy to have a chance to get to know you and your readers!

I suppose Ive been writing stories for as long as I could put a sentence together on paper. Before that, I was daydreaming stories. Nowadays, I still daydream stories, weaving them in my mind and heart until they feel alive. Then they find their way through my fingertips and onto the page.

Part of my writing journey has been fueled by my love of literature. Reading a beautiful, ancient heroic ballad, such as Beowulf, or a well-written contemporary novel, such as Hunger Games, is like eating a large slice of the best chocolate cake in the world!

And so, with my love of weaving words and daydreaming worlds into reality, writing has become a natural part of my heart and soul.

My YA Paranormal Sci-Fi novel, Cicada, was released last July, and boy has it been a wild ride! Cicada has developed sort of a cult following, and I love my readers! Cicada is the first of a trilogy. Firefly, book two, will be released late this summer (Lord willing and the creek dont rise, as the old folks here in Texas say!). I included the first few chapters of Firefly at the end of Cicada, so readers will have a little something to whet their appetites! Check out the book trailer for Cicada and let me know what you think! I love getting message from my readers, and I always respond! J

2) Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

My first recollection of wanting to be a writer was when I was in the second grade, and our teacher, Mrs. Rambin, would have us lay our heads on our desks after lunch while she read us stories full of magic and imagination. Those stories she read to us stayed with me for days, and I couldnt imagine anything better than being able to create such places of magic by writing.

3) Who is your favourite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Im not even sure I can answer this question, because I dont have any one favourite! Of course I love Jane Austen! Who doesnt? Getting past that, there are so many others! For instance, Suzanne Collins rocked my world with her Hunger Games trilogy! After I finished Mocking Jay, the characters stayed with me night and day until I picked the trilogy up and reread it!

Then theres Beth Revis and her awesome Across the Universe series! I was completely engrossed with the first two books, and I cannot wait for the next one! Not only are her characters compelling, but the world she created aboard Godspeed is unique and fresh.

Likewise, Amy Kathleen Ryans Glow was enthralling. The twist in her story literally caused me to gasp out loud when I read it! Im looking forward to reading the sequel to her novel!

It goes without saying that I love J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series! I still wish I could have gone to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

As you can see, I could go on and on… so many terrific authors, so little time! And, just about with every book I read, I add another favourite author to my list! For instance, Im reading Orson Scott Cards Enders Game right now, so you can imagine that hes about to find his way on my list of faves, too!

4) If you could have dinner with two characters from any books, who would they be and why?

I would love to have dinner with Dumbledore. Who wouldnt love to pick his brain for the mysteries he kept hidden beneath that mystical wizard hat? Dinner with Dumbledore would be both enlightening and entertaining!

The other person with whom I like to share this dinner would be Silver Tongue from Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. Id like to have him read aloud to Dumbledore and me and see what leaps off the pages of the book!

Yes, dinner with these two fellows would be quite enchanting!

5) Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

My advice for aspiring authors would be to read, read, read! Read across the genres. Then write, write, write! You can only perfect your skill by practicing. And write for yourself. Write the best according to your own voice. Some readers will love your writing and your voice, and some will not. Stay the course and stay true to your voice. To do otherwise would be the same as trying to be someone else.

Thanks, again, for the chance to stop by! I hope everyone will check out Cicada and let me know what you think! Warmest wishes for a fantastic summer!

Cicada Book Trailer:

Where Cicada is sold:

Social Networking Sites:
What do you think of the interview? Doesn't Cicada sound AMAZING?? Defo on my TBR list how bout yours?? :)

Seers Blog Tour: Interview with Heather Frost

Seers Blog Tour: Interview with Heather Frost

About the Book: For Kate Bennet, surviving the car wreck that killed her parents means big changes and even bigger problems. As she begins to see auras and invisible people, Kate must learn to trust Patrick O'Donnell, a handsome Guardian, or risk her life being overrun with Demons. She soon realizes that both she and her heart are in big-time trouble.

Interview with Heather Frost:

Can you tell readers a bit about yourself and your writing journey so far?
I’m 22 years old, and a student at Utah State University. I love my family, movies, BBC series’, music, and the smell of wet cement. I’ve always loved a good story, and it wasn’t long before I had dreams of becoming an author. I finished my first novel when I was twelve, and got my first rejection letter when I was eighteen. Seers, my first published novel, came out in October 2011. (The sequel, Demons, will be released this September.)

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
I read voraciously as a kid. I loved picking up a book and entering a whole other world, but I was raised in a small town with a small library, and I was quickly running out of materiel. I don’t honestly remember what triggered the thought, but I suddenly had the crazy notion to write my own book. After all, I knew exactly what I wanted in a story—the most fascinating character traits, the coolest plot twists, the best elements to make an entertaining read. So off I started writing, and about six months later I had a novel. It won’t ever be published—it’s the biggest cliché I’ve ever seen, but I was very proud of it, and it helped me find my niche in the world. I immediately started on my next writing project.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

I learned that I could write a novel in first person, and in the modern settings—two things I’d never attempted before. I also learned that I could insert a lot of my personal experiences and beliefs into my characters. Seers really came from a desire to express some of my feelings about losing my little brother, back in 2008. I have my religious beliefs about life after death, but I wanted to write a novel that could explore some of those ideas. Those musings led me to create my Guardians and Demons.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’m inspired by the people in my life—mostly my family. I’m also inspired by other books that I read and stories I hear. I’m constantly keeping an eye out for new ideas, looking for the next great plot twist . . . Even when I’m not writing out my ideas, I’m constantly writing in my head.

What are three favourite books and why?

“Jane Eyre”, because it’s one of the most beautiful love stories every written. Jane is an amazing heroine—ordinary, but inspiring because she remains true to herself, no matter what.

“The Scarlet Pimpernel”, because Sir Percy Blakeney is just about the coolest hero ever conceived.

And I recently read “Matched”, by Allie Condie, which I loved. The writing is simply beautiful.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Just write! Finish that novel, and then believe in yourself and your characters enough to put your manuscript out there. Remember, if you have a dream that you’re willing to work for, no one can stop you. Also, realize that rejection is a part of the writing life. The day rejection stops is the day you stop writing.

Is there anything specific you want to say to readers?

Thanks for reading, first off! I love to hear from my readers, so please drop me a line on my website, You can also stay connected with all things Seers by visiting the official Facebook page:

Author Links:

Author Interview: Jennifer Foor

Author Interview: Jennifer Foor

Jennifer FoorCan you tell readers abit about
Well, I am Jennifer Foor....Author of The Somnian Series. I am married to my high school sweetheart (since 1996) and have two great kids. I enjoy shooting pool, reading and writing books, and laying around doing absolutely nothing whenever I have a free millisecond to do so....;)
your writing history/journey?
As a young child I found communication to be difficult. My parents had a horrible marriage and it left for little communication time for me. I starting writing letters, keeping journals. Looking back they were more like hate letters. Whenever I was mad or angry I would write my thoughts and feelings down. The funny thing was that I would never hide them. I wanted them to see what I had written. Finally, after doing it for so long, my mother started writing me back. To my shock, it was beneficial and therapeutic.
When I got older I started writing short stories, and then longer ones. In 2008 I wrote my first full novel, then let it sit on my computer for three years, before I had the nerve to publish.
your novel(s)?

The Somnian Book One Ascension, The Somnian Book Two Absum, The Somnian Book Three Attero, The Somnian Book Four Absum (As you can tell it is a series ) I am working on a new Zombie series whose hero is a bullied kid, obessesed with video games....My son and I are working on it together, and some of the character traits are directly based on him.
What's your latest news?
The Somnian Series Book Four was released on June 1st.
Did you always want to become an author?
Yes, but I also wanted to be a professional Ice Skater, and to own a snowball stand. I went to college for business and worked in stocks and bonds for nearly ten years. When my particular bank was sold, my entire department was let go. Though it was sad, I was able to pursue other interests, including writing.
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
Like I said before, instead of talking I would rather write. I am a professional texter, emailer. I have texted my husband while in the same bed. It is just "How I roll" (as my kids would say)
What's a typical writing day like for you?
I wake up and get everyone off to work/school. I make a gigantic mug of coffee, I mean MUG, and then I head out to the sunroom. I get myself rearranged and set up comfortably, while watching the birds and bunnies playing around the pool. I have these gigantic white and pink headphones that block out all sound, and I put them on my ears. Depending on the scene I need to write, I set up a playlist and crank it up until they are blasting. Sometimes I even do a bit of knuckle cracking before my finger get to typing. If I am writing a full day I will aim for 10,000 words. Sometimes I hit it, other times I don't...
What is your favourite book of 2012 so far and why?
It depends on the Genre. I just finished reading Fifty Shades, in which I read the entire series in three days. Loved it! Christian Grey is just fascinating.
I love the Celestra Series by Addison Moore and her newest release was worth the wait. I love cliffhangers! I love Gage, and right now he seems to be the bad guy, which makes me crazy!
Another fav is the Bloodstone and Moonstone Sagas by Courtney Cole. I took four years of Latin in high school. I love mythology and anything that has to do with Egyptians. Her Princess series is also a great read. I read the first book in one sitting.
Of course, there is always The Mortal Instruments and Sookie Stackhouse books that I look forward to reading every year.
If you could go to dinner with any two fictional characters (except your own) who would they be and why?
Do they have to be at the same time? I would love to go to dinner with Christian Grey (before either of us were married) Hee Hee!
The second would be Jack from My Blood Approves Series by Amanda Hocking. I love Jack......He dresses like a crazy 80-90's grunge skater and has the best character traits. He is such a great guy and I would totally have chased after him in high school, vampire or not.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Write...push yourself to write even when you don't feel it. It is the moments where you least expect results that you get them. I have literally stayed up until early morning writing. When I went back to re-read I didn't even remember what I had written. Assuming it was crap, and would need re-writes, I was amazed.
Is there anything specific you'd like to say to readers?
If they have read my series....Thank you! If they havent and love paranormal fiction, give it a try.

Do what makes you happy in life. Unless you are a vampire, or have some other immortal existence, you have one life to live. Live it to the fullest.
Where on the web can we find you?
What do think of Jennifer's novel? Doesn't it sound amazing? What did you think of the interview??

Review: One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon

Review: One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon

Title: One Perfect Summer
Author: Paige Toon
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Published: May 2012
My Copy: Bought

Alice is 18 and about to start university while Joe's life is going nowhere. A Dorset summer, a chance meeting, and the two of them fall into step as if they have known each other forever.
But their idyll is shattered unexpectedly. Alice heads off to Cambridge and slowly picks up the pieces of her broken heart. When she catches the attention of Lukas - gorgeous, gifted, rich boy Lukas - she is carried along by his charm, swept up by his ambitious plans for a future together.
Years later, at just the wrong time, Joe s back, but out of reach in a way that Alice could never have imagined. Life has moved on, the divide between them is now so great.
Surely it is far too late to recapture that perfect summer of long ago?
Ever wondered what happened to your first love? As if that isn't intriguing enough!
For the past two months I have been pining for Paige Toons Ones Perfect Summer! Fine! For the past year! :) Happy? I've been pounding easons shelves soaring for One Perfect Summer... I called, emailed, searched! Still with no luck. I was told to wait one more week for it to be released! Now, I waited a year for this novel and there's telling me another week? Really?
Paige Toons novels mean everything to me! As crazy as that sounds I am completely and utterly attached! I've never laughed, cried or smiled as much as when I'm reading her novels. For the crying part it depends on the novel... (CHASING DAISY!!)
Last week I thought the women were gonna batter me with books as I called in to ask again! 'Just one more week love!' They weren't too pleased when I went on their website on my phone and showed them it said IN STORES!!
After getting ushered out of the shop by my sister and friend we made our way to Asda. I'm a book addict - obviously! and was roaming the shelves when I saw a book that looked familiar! ONE PERFECT SUMMER! My mind went blank and the wind literally got whipped out of me. I soon started squealing Paige Toon at the top of my lungs... No sadly she wasn't in the store or she would have ran in the other direction LOL! But it was One Perfect Summer!
After registering I was swaying I managed to grab onto the shelf feeling a little light headed yelling at my sister who really didn't want to be related to me at that point. Trust me.... I know she didn't! People were also giving me strangle stares too..... Aw well! They'll never know how much a book can bring someone such happiness! :) I went straight home and dived in to start reading!
Paige Toon has done it again! Writing yet another character addictive page turner!
There was something different about this novel which I'm still unsure what. I don't know if it's because the characters were my age and doing what I should be doing. I felt I  connected more to these characters than I ever have before with a Paige Toon's characters. There is definitely more to be though. (Paige Toon confirmed on facebook there will be a sequel.Eeek!) I also felt as if Paige wanted to do or say more with the epilogue. I don't know about anyone else but One Perfect Summer felt more real to me!
Alice is a carefree, shy girl about to start university with a shattered heart! We read about her marriage, work and love life! (What's left of it - after Joe) I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Alice as she's so normal and down to earth! I especially loved reading about her punting scenarios!
Joe.... First Love... the one that got away? First of all BABY BE MINE BABY BE MINE BABY BE MINE!!! I loved reading about Baby be Mine characters Meg and Johnny in a tiny snippet! (Thanks Paige for letting us know how they were) When we were first introduced to Joe in Baby Be Mine I wanted Meg to uncover all of his secrets. although I got something extremely better! THANK YOU Paige again for giving him his own novel! :) Joe is the perfect character! He is funny, caring and so mine if real! I'm so looking forward to reading more about him and his relationship with Alice. Joe definitely had a tiny piece of my Paige Toon heart..... but.... Johnny Jefferson has the rest! Or maybe Nathan..... Luis...... Ben..... Lucas have to! But I literally cried over Johnny Jefferson choosing Meg .... how dare he? LOL
Lucas! I'm going to be really honest here and say I disliked like the way he turned out! When I first started reading about him and Alice I was like 'Alice don't ever go back to Joe' but obviously.... I must have been sick cause Alice and Joe being with each other. No one can stand in the way of soul mates.
Although again there was something strange about One Perfect Summer! I loved Lucas and Alice together. I have to admit that! I also don't know at the start who I wanted Alice to end up with! That's clear now though... JOE JOE JOE!!! Sorry Lucas.... :(
Ahhh! Lizzy before I forget about her I really enjoyed reading about Lizzy as she's so funny, honest, flirty and full of life! Especially what Alice and every other girls needs in a friend!
Rosalinde.... I think her and Lucas obviously have feelings for each other.... enough said! Just go away and disappear together in a puff of fairy dust! Kaput!
The backgrounds of the characters was amazing and something that was totally unexpected but amazing! Paige Toon is AMAZING!
One Perfect Summer is a sublime novel which there will defo be a repeat of reading! Please I beg you Paige don't make me wait ages for the sequel! I literally don't think I could cope!
I advise everyone to read Paige Toon..... I need to make it a a law... anyone agree?
Loved everything about One Perfect Summer I am now attached! Although I think after 4 days of finishing it I can't continue to sleep with it beside my pillow.... :~/ time for the book shelf! Feels like it'll be miles away not just right above my head! :) A massive thanks to Paige Toon who continues to write these utterly fantastic novels which I'd be lost without! THANK YOU! I cannot wait for your next one!
Read what Paige Toons next novel is about here! Which will be released May 2013! A full year? Really? :(
About the author:
Paige Toon was born in 1975 and gre up between England,Australia an America. She worked at Heat magazine as Reviews Editor for eight years before leaving to have a baby. Paige is married, has two small children and lives in Cambridge. One Perfect is her sixth book.
Where's  can I find Paige Toon??
So... have you ever read any Paige Toon novels? What did you think? Were you hooked like me? What did you think of the Review?

Promo: Night of The Purple Moon - Scott Cramer

Promo: Night of The Purple Moon - Scott Cramer

Night of the Purple Moon

About the Book:
For months, astronomers have been predicting that Earth will pass through the tail of a comet. They say that people will see colorful sunsets and, best of all, a purple moon.

But nobody has predicted the lightning-fast epidemic that sweeps across the planet on the night of the purple moon. The comet brings space dust with it that contains germs that attack human hormones. Older teens and adults die within hours of exposure.

On a small island off the coast of Maine, a group of teens and children struggle to survive in this new world, but all the while they have inside them a ticking time bomb — adolescence.

Night of the Purple Moon will be FREE on amazon 15-16 May!! You don't wanna miss it! :)

Authors website:

Will you be getting your copy?? I know I'll be!! :)

Interview, Review, Giveaway- I've Got You Covered Blog Tour- Toni G Sinns

Interview, Review, Giveaway- I've Got You Covered Blog Tour- Toni G Sinns

Reading Addiction Blog Tours
I've Got You Covered Blog Tour Hosted by @ Reading Addiction Blog Tours.
I received a copy of this novel from the author as part of the blog tour for an honest review.

About The Book: 
Genre: Young Adult
Title: I've Got You Covered
Author: Toni G. Sinns
Date Published: April 12, 2012

Anistasia moves to Brooksville where she meets John. The duo hit it off almost instantly and become best friends before it grows into something more than friendship. While they blossom together they have to go through the daily routine of high school drama and jealous ex’s on John’s part and over bearing brothers on Anistasia’s part. But each struggle seems to hold the two together even more.

Along with the daily high school problems they also have to deal with the mafia hunting down Anistasia, John’s mafia father, and the every other weekend street races. Running from bad guys, keeping the cops out of the know how, and trying to stay undetected is proving to be more of a handful when the only person you can trust is also on the run.


Toni G. Sinns has wrote an amazing spectacular novel one which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I was so interested in this book as soon as I read what I've Got You Covered was about I knew I'd love it and I definitely did!

Page after I page my interest grew and it kept me wanting to read more and more. The characters were so well detailed and described I couldn't help but picture them which made the novel more enjoyable.

I am definitely going to be reading more the authors novels in the future as this was simply brilliant!

About the Author:


Toni Sinns was born and raised in Western North Carolina before moving to Central Florida in 2011. She is an upcoming author/writer with a mind in multiple genres of novels and books. She is currently working on multiple novels.


Can you tell us a bit about:


Well I dont want to bore you with a birth to age 24 time line so lets jump around. I graduated with my high school diploma in the start of 2006. I graduated my local community college in 2011. It took me 4 years to get a 2 year degree because I switched majors a lot. Finally chose a Medical Office Administration with secondary Medical Billing and Coding. Then I got married to my wonderful husband in Oct. 2011. This past February I released my poetry book “Words that make Sentences that make Poems” and was pleasantly happy with the reviews. And then April I had finished book one of the Blazing Charm series and released it as well.
your writing history/journey?

I write because I love to write so the journey has been a great pleasure for me mostly. I did get a few shocks about cost of edits, book covers (which the guy I found is amazing and works with me and my budget), and different cost to advertise a book once it is published. But my joy to write still is strong enough to not let all that turn me away from writing.
your novels(s)?

My currently published novel has actually slightly been building for a couple of years. I would write bits and pieces of it and share with my friend whom the book is dedicated to. And he would add people to interact with them. Finally last year I set down and told him I was going to make our crazy group of people into a series. A couple months later book one was finished. And book two was started. I also have a ton of other novels in progress that range all over the scale.
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Not exactly, I do know that it started at a very young age. I was one of those kids in elementary school that loved the writing test because it gave me a chance to write a story and see how much people liked it. I was always given a 3 or 4 on my test and it really boosted my confidence in my story telling. I would write all the time growing up. Sometimes I would write songs, poems, and in my journal. I even made full story lines for my toys when I played with them. Luckily I never gave away my creativity and joy for writing stories.
What's a typical writing day like for you?

I am not very set on my typical day but the most common type day I have would consist of me waking up to early from a night of going to bed too late. I get up and let the dogs and then turn on the light in the two cat rooms. Let the dogs end and continue with the daily feed the animals routine. I clean the house some, greet my husband for lunch, send him back to work and get on my laptop. On my laptop I am in about five places at one time. I write my stories, while on facebook, email, my blog, and playing a video game. Currently Ive been playing World of Warcraft a lot.
What is your favourite book of 2012 so far and why?

Sadly I havent really read that many books from 2012. My reading has really seemed to take a down fall. And I dont seem to pick up books from new authors or new books from old authors when they release anymore. I did read a great book in the end of 2011 called “Making Waves” by Tawna Fenske. She released two in 2012 called “Getting Dumped” and “Believe it or Not” which is the one following “Making Waves” in her trilogy. I really like her stories because they are romance with action, some adventure and covered with humour. And also I like Tawna cause she is a great friend and just as funny as her books.
Do have a motto when writing?

Let the character choose the next move.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Write, listen, observe and write some more. You can have a great story idea but can destroy it by having all cookie cutter characters. Observe everything and always have an open mind about things. Use many people to find what you want in your characters to help build the story. And write write write. There is possibly a .01% chance that the first book you write will send you to the top. It is normally the second, third, fifteenth or more. Everything takes time and not everyone will love what you write. And dont expect to get rich.

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What do think of I've Got You Covered? Do you think it sounds good? What do you think of Toni's favourite books so far of 2012?

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Book Blitz: Allergies and Awesome You by Atul Shah Davis

Book Blitz: Allergies and Awesome You by Atul Shah Davis

Atul N. Shah, MD, FACAAI, FAAAAI, is a celebrated author of this AmazingAllergist book series, founder of, and the medical director of

He is a board certified allergist who has earned an honor of fellowships in both the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. He has personally treated more than 20,000 patients, made a significant impact on more than 100,000 lives as an allergist so far, and earned the nickname "AmazingAllergist" from his patients and peers.

His work is rewarded daily with numerous compliments of smiling patients and their families. He has been recognized with various awards, including the America's Top Physicians' Award, the Patients' Choice Award, and the Most Compassionate Physicians' Award. He believes that every allergic child and individual has a potential to live a great life, allergy-free. His desire to empower allergic individuals translated into this series of books. Dr. Atul Shah enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with his family. He calls Long Island, New York, his home, supports various charities, and loves making a difference.

Follow The Author on:

Title: Allergies, and Awesome You - Believe You Can Get There Too
Author: Dr Atul N. Shah

"Allergies, and Awesome You" is a part of the AmazingAllergist's Awesome Series that empowers allergic children to live and lead great lives, allergy-free. It is a by-product of the author's extensive medical knowledge, vast experiences as an allergy specialist, and the desire to make a difference, one allergic child at a time. This book, through a life story of an allergic child, will empower you and your children.

Author Guest Post - Toni Aleo

Author Guest Post - Toni Aleo

Reading Addiction Blog Tours


A Day in my Writing Life by Toni Aleo

Toni Aleo

My day starts easly; midnight to be exact. I go to my job as an at home nurse and work for 8 hours. Once I am, my day really begins.


I come home and see the mess my family has made while I was gone or in my writing cave. Disgusted, I proceed to get my little poeople ready for school. Mikey is seven, hates getting ready for school, and would much rather watch Ben 10. Alyssa is four and would rather sleep than do anything Mommy wants.


My kids are dropped off and I head back home.


I am face down, in my bed, passed out.



Finally having had a chance to eat and ready to start my author work. I get online; check my Facebook, Twitter, Blog, sales, and my reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads. After all that I do any work that I need to do; posting or answering emails, just normal stuff.


Now, the fun stuff starts. My characters have been going nuts in my head for the past 24 hours and are ready to be written. I sit down, have my phone beside me and a tall gladd of water. I look at the screen and off I go.


"I can't stop now!"

This is usually what I scream when this time rolls around. Gotta go get the kids.


My house is nut case. Everyone is looking for dance shoes, soccer cleats, ice skates, or something else tht is needed for that afternoon's activity.


We leave for the acticity. It it's Mikey's day, then Alyssa plays on his DS while I try to finish the chapter I started earlier. It it's Alyssa's, then Mike does homework while I am writing.


While dinner is being made, I am reading my last chapter, yelling at the kids to clean their rooms, do their homework, and stop fighting. Yes, in that order.


My husband comes home and everything gets louder.


We sit down for dinner,


Baths and kids go to bed. Husband and I snuggle while watching hockey or our shows.


Husband goes to bed and I continue to write.


I've usually fallen asleep on my keyboard.


My alarm goes off telling me to go to work and I haven't even finished what I was doing.

Then it all starts over again!!

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Barnes and Noble - Taking Shots
Amazon - Trying To Score
Barnes and Noble - Trying To Score