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A Day in my Writing Life by Toni Aleo

Toni Aleo

My day starts easly; midnight to be exact. I go to my job as an at home nurse and work for 8 hours. Once I am, my day really begins.


I come home and see the mess my family has made while I was gone or in my writing cave. Disgusted, I proceed to get my little poeople ready for school. Mikey is seven, hates getting ready for school, and would much rather watch Ben 10. Alyssa is four and would rather sleep than do anything Mommy wants.


My kids are dropped off and I head back home.


I am face down, in my bed, passed out.



Finally having had a chance to eat and ready to start my author work. I get online; check my Facebook, Twitter, Blog, sales, and my reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads. After all that I do any work that I need to do; posting or answering emails, just normal stuff.


Now, the fun stuff starts. My characters have been going nuts in my head for the past 24 hours and are ready to be written. I sit down, have my phone beside me and a tall gladd of water. I look at the screen and off I go.


"I can't stop now!"

This is usually what I scream when this time rolls around. Gotta go get the kids.


My house is nut case. Everyone is looking for dance shoes, soccer cleats, ice skates, or something else tht is needed for that afternoon's activity.


We leave for the acticity. It it's Mikey's day, then Alyssa plays on his DS while I try to finish the chapter I started earlier. It it's Alyssa's, then Mike does homework while I am writing.


While dinner is being made, I am reading my last chapter, yelling at the kids to clean their rooms, do their homework, and stop fighting. Yes, in that order.


My husband comes home and everything gets louder.


We sit down for dinner,


Baths and kids go to bed. Husband and I snuggle while watching hockey or our shows.


Husband goes to bed and I continue to write.


I've usually fallen asleep on my keyboard.


My alarm goes off telling me to go to work and I haven't even finished what I was doing.

Then it all starts over again!!

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