Author Interview: Jennifer Foor

Jennifer FoorCan you tell readers abit about
Well, I am Jennifer Foor....Author of The Somnian Series. I am married to my high school sweetheart (since 1996) and have two great kids. I enjoy shooting pool, reading and writing books, and laying around doing absolutely nothing whenever I have a free millisecond to do so....;)
your writing history/journey?
As a young child I found communication to be difficult. My parents had a horrible marriage and it left for little communication time for me. I starting writing letters, keeping journals. Looking back they were more like hate letters. Whenever I was mad or angry I would write my thoughts and feelings down. The funny thing was that I would never hide them. I wanted them to see what I had written. Finally, after doing it for so long, my mother started writing me back. To my shock, it was beneficial and therapeutic.
When I got older I started writing short stories, and then longer ones. In 2008 I wrote my first full novel, then let it sit on my computer for three years, before I had the nerve to publish.
your novel(s)?

The Somnian Book One Ascension, The Somnian Book Two Absum, The Somnian Book Three Attero, The Somnian Book Four Absum (As you can tell it is a series ) I am working on a new Zombie series whose hero is a bullied kid, obessesed with video games....My son and I are working on it together, and some of the character traits are directly based on him.
What's your latest news?
The Somnian Series Book Four was released on June 1st.
Did you always want to become an author?
Yes, but I also wanted to be a professional Ice Skater, and to own a snowball stand. I went to college for business and worked in stocks and bonds for nearly ten years. When my particular bank was sold, my entire department was let go. Though it was sad, I was able to pursue other interests, including writing.
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
Like I said before, instead of talking I would rather write. I am a professional texter, emailer. I have texted my husband while in the same bed. It is just "How I roll" (as my kids would say)
What's a typical writing day like for you?
I wake up and get everyone off to work/school. I make a gigantic mug of coffee, I mean MUG, and then I head out to the sunroom. I get myself rearranged and set up comfortably, while watching the birds and bunnies playing around the pool. I have these gigantic white and pink headphones that block out all sound, and I put them on my ears. Depending on the scene I need to write, I set up a playlist and crank it up until they are blasting. Sometimes I even do a bit of knuckle cracking before my finger get to typing. If I am writing a full day I will aim for 10,000 words. Sometimes I hit it, other times I don't...
What is your favourite book of 2012 so far and why?
It depends on the Genre. I just finished reading Fifty Shades, in which I read the entire series in three days. Loved it! Christian Grey is just fascinating.
I love the Celestra Series by Addison Moore and her newest release was worth the wait. I love cliffhangers! I love Gage, and right now he seems to be the bad guy, which makes me crazy!
Another fav is the Bloodstone and Moonstone Sagas by Courtney Cole. I took four years of Latin in high school. I love mythology and anything that has to do with Egyptians. Her Princess series is also a great read. I read the first book in one sitting.
Of course, there is always The Mortal Instruments and Sookie Stackhouse books that I look forward to reading every year.
If you could go to dinner with any two fictional characters (except your own) who would they be and why?
Do they have to be at the same time? I would love to go to dinner with Christian Grey (before either of us were married) Hee Hee!
The second would be Jack from My Blood Approves Series by Amanda Hocking. I love Jack......He dresses like a crazy 80-90's grunge skater and has the best character traits. He is such a great guy and I would totally have chased after him in high school, vampire or not.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Write...push yourself to write even when you don't feel it. It is the moments where you least expect results that you get them. I have literally stayed up until early morning writing. When I went back to re-read I didn't even remember what I had written. Assuming it was crap, and would need re-writes, I was amazed.
Is there anything specific you'd like to say to readers?
If they have read my series....Thank you! If they havent and love paranormal fiction, give it a try.

Do what makes you happy in life. Unless you are a vampire, or have some other immortal existence, you have one life to live. Live it to the fullest.
Where on the web can we find you?
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