Neglecting you! :(

Recently I have been neglecting Reading A Little Bit Of Everything and my other blogs.... want to know why? I have no ioda! I apologise for not posting more frequently with bloggy stuff! :)

There have been a few posts that have been published although they have already been scheduled for quite awhile.

I want to be 100% honest with yous as yous always are with me in reviews, interviews and everything else! I just haven't been in the mood for blogging or even reading and I suppose for not keeping on top of things I have a back log of 506 emails to clear through on both email accounts :( Soo..... that's pay back right??

I really do want to get back in the mood for blogging and reading as I have loads of ideas for the blog which you will read about soon enough and also loads of prizes and swag I've bought. :)

When you have lost interest in blogging how do you get it back? When you can't get into reading what do you do?

I need and want tips and ideas! Soo pleeeaaassseeee help me out :)

Thanks :)

Kerry-Ann xx


  1. We are here don't worry. First you should have an email from me with an answer already.
    Now when i'm disappointed with reading, not in the mood i go back to books or author i know i love to read or reread because it must be a pleasure before all so no reviews just me , a cup of tea and a book i love

  2. I get it sometimes too. But, you are an amazing blogger. We need you! :)