Authors!? Do you really respect us bloggers?

I probably know what your thinking right wow what's this about? I would like to state first that the title is just to catch every ones attention! I cannot say it is not aimed at anyone in particular because..... that would be a lie.

It is aimed at an author and I have let their publisher know and the author in question know I was planning on writing a post about a situation that occurred. This is something that has been eating away at me for numerous days and I think I need to write my opinion on the matter to see if my reasons are right or wrong.

Recently I have been organising blog tours FOR FREE because I'm passionate about reading and I am so passionate about helping someone out but not just helping anyone out! AN AUTHOR! A real life AUTHOR who has published a novel and has wrote amazing characters for people like me to escape to another world and enjoy the best thing ever invented! BOOKS! :) Yes every author who contacts me I still go into complete shock and I get excited like a child on Christmas morning. To know that I could help them in someway organise something that even just lets one person know about there book is to me amazing.

A year ago if someone told me I'd be a book blogger, organising blog tours, chatting to authors everyday, getting asked to review books, being contacted by publishers I would have gone into fits of giggles! I would have laughed hysterically and not stopped for hours because to me I wouldn't have had the confidence or any idea what to do.

Your probably thinking.... whats the point in this post? Well recently I had started organising a blog tour for an author and I was struggling to find a blogger to participate on the last day of the tour. The author gave me strict instructions to make sure they had over 500 followers, to make sure the blogger gave them a glowing review, to also make sure they reviewed their novel in over 750 words and to make sure they received 5 stars! My first initial thought was oh S**T!

Although then I started thinking I need to do this!! My life has been pretty hectic with personal issues, exams, revising and of course the never stopping book blogs! I know with the book blogs I signed up to organise this tour and it was my responsibility to organise it. So I did what any dedicated blogger would do.... I emailed over 50 blogs! I stayed up till 5:30am with college the next morning and an exam at 9:15 am!

However, I never managed to find a spot for the blog tour! As the time was getting nearer and nearer I neglected my blog posts and I neglected my blogs! Due to personal reasons also!

Although when I emailed the author the response was NOT what I expected and in my opinion NOT what I deserved! I have been giving confirmation from both parties involved that I may use this as long as no names are mentioned! Since no one knows who the tour was for as it was cancelled I said to myself why not.....

The first email I received from the author was..

*You stupid, idiotic little girl! I took the time out to help you organise my blog tour and all your doing is sitting staring at computer screen! I wrote the novel! That's the hard part all you need to do is email bloggers!* Obviously some has been edited as I will not use the language they used.

I sent an email which said I am sorry I have really tried my best with this although it is very late notice for bloggers to review your novel, sorry.

I'd like to say that I may have had this tour organised for days but I did not receive any of the materials until 4 days before the tour was meant to start! Is that enough time for reviewers?

The second email I received was.....

* Your a silly bitch! My publisher has not even paid you and your useless! This will not help my book sales in anyway and I was stupid to think that you could help me with promoting my work!*
They did go further into detail although I replied to them letting them know I'd no longer wish to be contacted by them and I also emailed their publisher letting them know what happened and I also forwarded ALL emails that I received but also all emails which I had sent in reply. I would like to also tell everyone I got a huge apology from the publisher telling me they were disappointed in how one of their authors reacted and how very sorry they were that this happened. They understood right away that I would like to cancel any blog tours with them in the future as well.

So..... I know this is one bad experience with an author, and I know it will NOT in anyway effect my judgement of any other publishers or authors. Also I would not like any rude comments or suggestions made against the author or publisher even though their names are not mentioned. I would just like to know from authors and bloggers do you think I could have done more? If I do not ask this question it will eat and eat away at me and I really do not want that.

I am also sorry if this post offends anyone as I am not wanting to do that either. I have sent this post to the publisher to see if they would like to make any changes to it and they very nicely told me that they think it stated my opinion very clearly and they appreciate all I have done for them.


  1. I'm not the author or the publisher, but I am so terribly sorry that this happened to you. It's just awful. I'm glad to hear that this has not soured you to helping other authors. Hopefully this post will teach others what NOT to do.

  2. Kerry-Ann, that is incredibly horrible. I've never experienced an author that was full of themselves before. Anyone that has blogged or done reviews know how time consuming it is. I think you've gone above and beyond what any blogger is expected. I don't blog as much, but I'd have a tough time agreeing to do a review of a book if they are saying it has to be a 5 star.

    I respect bloggers, and I say that openly because they are the way to get the word out there about my books. Yes, there are bloggers that go over the edge and get malicious with reviews.... I'm guilty of trying to find something nice to say about all books. Without blog tours and bloggers this virtual world would be empty for us writers. I am so sorry that someone (I'm guessing they are an adult) would say anything like that to someone that is doing them a favor.

    Keep up the good work and know that the majority of writer's LOVE bloggers. Keep the faith... Devyn

  3. Wow. I can't believe anyone could be so rude. I love that people are out there willing to read and review authors work. I've tried to do it myself and it's very time consuming. It's also hard enough to give an author a fair review, especially if you know them at all. Having the author put extra pressure on the blogger makes things that much more difficult.
    I'm one author who truly appreciates all of the hard work book bloggers go through.

    1. And just so you know, I would have told them I wasn't going to continue helping after the very first email. You are volunteering your time and even if you were getting paid, you do not deserve to be treated with such disrespect. No one does. :)

  4. As a bloggers and a reader, I get suspicious when I see only 5 star reviews. It just doesn't read true. For reviewing a book, I usually need two or more weeks to fit a book into my scheduale. Since you are organizing the tour, you are the one who knows how they work not the author.

    I feel that you handled the situation well.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that happened and i appreciate that the publishers is supporting you.

    Now i can understand the author wanting to set some rules but they need to know that there is always set back too. i mean they can want blog with a lot of followers yes but 500 is a lot for a new author is a bit too ambitious i mean there are a lot of small blog that are doing a good job and would be happy to help so if it's just the numbers of followers that enters... for example i won't review anything then with less than 50( but i prefer readers to followers). I'm really happy with the authors that accepted to send me book for review even if i haven't a lot of followers ( i prefer to tell them )and i've been contected for blog tour so 500 a bit too much for my taste, the length yes it could be a precision but i don't count the words in mine^^;; and 750 is perhaps a lot too

    Now as a blogger i would have said no immediately when she( he) stated he wanted only glowing review and 5stars. Definitively NO we are not paid so we keep our freedom ( and i wouldn't want to seel my soul like that either) i always said ( or it's in my review policy) that i never garanty a positive review. It's after reading that i know if i like or not and i write that opinion not what the authors want. Of course even with negative review we need to be polite but honesty is capital ( and for me a 3/5 is like 5/5amazing/fabulous- not every book make you want to read the next one or reread it several times!)

    I think is your only error, accepting to help in that conditions. Because i'm sure you don't like to be told what to write either as a blogger.
    Apart that you did absolutly nothing wrong, you were polite, you did your best and if that author doesn't understand that some bloggers won't accept her conditions it's her( his) fault. You shouldn't feel bad about what happened and don't worry we support you.
    Just next time, also, think that your life is more important so during exams etc you go first ( any good author will understand) so blog tour before or after not during it because other bloggers too could be in exams and thus read less and less quickly ( because also yes bloggers should have some weeks to read the book not just days)

  6. So sorry you've had this happen, hon. I definitely respect you and appreciate everything you do for me as a PR and an author. :)

  7. Holy Cow! Really? Is someone that full of themselves??? Wow! That is just messed up!

    I love bloggers and do everything I can to go out of my way to be courteous and helpful. They are doing me a service. Specially if it's free! I really go out of my way to be sure things are set in place and the blogger has what they need and when.

    I am sorry you had to deal with this idiot of a person. I hope it never happens again, and that you can shake it off, and move on. You are a great person and you shouldn't let them bother you. I know easier said than done. But you have my support!

  8. People like that shouldn't write books. Really. :| The worst thing I get from authors are emails asking for review copies of book that I don't accept and I have them written in big red words in my review policy. They simply don't read it, but I can handle it. This is much worse.

  9. Hi, I read your blog a lot but I don't think I've commented before, so you probably won't recognize me. I really like your posts though =)

    You know, I really wish you had told us the authors name! I wouldn't have any problem with the publisher, but there is no way on earth I'd read a book from an author like that! That is SO uncalled for! Your blog is great, and I can see how much work you put into it. People like that really get on my nerves. I always expect so much more from authors I love, so that is especially terrible! If I ever get a book published, there is NO way I'm going to be like that. I wouldn't let that phase you at all, that's just this author's own problems being taken out on you (which is NOT okay).

  10. Wow, I am always gobsmacked when I see things like this, I really wish you could reveal who this author was as I would definitely avoid them with an attitude like that, at times like this I am glad I don't have my own blog.

  11. I have just finished reading this post and I am in shock! So sorry to hear that this author did not treat you with the respect you deserve. Getting a blog tour together isn't easy, and the demands that were made for the tour made it even harder! I think you did your best and the author took things out on you that you did not deserve. Glad to see you are not letting you get you down. Your blog is great- remember that. :)