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Paige Toon born in 1975 grew up in Australia, America and England following her father's career as a successful race car driver meant she grew up all over the world.


Paige Toon is the most amazing author whose novels I have ever read! I count down the days till May everyear because that's when her new novel is normally released! I stalk the book stores closest to my home and even go in nearly everyday just to see if THAT day it will be there!

Chasing Daisy was the first ever Paige Toon book I read and I sat up the whole night reading the FIRST night I decided sleep was so not important and Chasing Daisy WAS! It really was and until this day sleep is nothing compared to a good book! ;) (A Paige Toon Book)

With my obsession I started a fanpage on facebook for other Paige Toon fans.... Yeah.... lets just say I'm a little tenny weeny bit obsessed with her novels okay! Just a tiny bit.......

This isn't the first time Paige Toon has been here! We had Paige Toon here last year for an interview! You can check that interview out by clicking here.

Can you tell readers one thing about yourself which can't be found anywhere on the internet?

 I love animals and have two pet chickens called Pookie and Peabow - they were tiny chicks when we got them. We're going to get a dog next year...

Why have you chosen to re-vist Laura from Chasing Daisy?

 A former colleague from heat magazine - Charlotte Ward - gave me the title idea a few years ago and I formulated a story in my head. I couldn't think of a name for my new heroine, and then Laura came to mind. The two story ideas I had in my head actually came together quite nicely, and I love writing about characters who already have a back story.

Lucy in the Sky and Pictures of Lily are my two favourite books, Do you think you'll ever re-visit them?

 It's certainly possible! I have some ideas up my sleeve...

I have been obsessed with Adelaide since reading your novels, I love how you can describe the places so beautifully so we are able to picture them, does Mount Lofty actually exist? and if so could you give me directions to Bens place.... please?

 Ha ha, Ben's place is somewhere near Mount Lofty (yes, Mount Lofty is real) and I have seen places that look like Ben's house. Adelaide is beautiful - I miss it.

 Why do you think readers get so attached to your characters?

 I hope it's because they feel as real to them as they do to me. I was terrified after finishing Lucy in the Sky, my debut novel, that no one would like it, but I thought, if anyone feels the way I felt while writing it, then they'll love it - and amazingly, so many of them did!

Out of all of the leading ladies you've wrote about which one was your favourite and why?
 Ooh, this is really hard. Lucy was my first, so possibly her, but I love them all - I was inside their heads for a year, remember!

If you weren't married which of your male characters would you be married to?

 Ha ha, funny question. Possibly Nathan, but ooh, I don't know. I really fell in love with Joe while writing about him...

Is there anything you can tell us about your Johnny idea? I'm literally on the edge of my seat waiting to see more!

Hmm, I don't know if I should give anything away... It might have something to do with a groupie in his past.....

One Perfect Summer is your latest novel and the one which has felt most real or true to almost everyone who has read it, Are the characters or scenes based on anyone or anything?

 I'm so glad it feels real to so many people - I think I enjoyed researching this one the most, and that always makes it feel more real. We went to Dorset, and then moved to Cambridge, so it was magical writing about the city that had just become our new home. Jessie looks like an actual punter I saw working on the River Cam...

Is there anything you'd like to say to readers?

 Thank you, thank you, thank you - I can't believe you all love my books as much as you do! Please keep reading and recommending my books - I'll keep writing as long as you do that!

 Your novels can make readers laugh, smile, cry, scream and smile some more. We get addicted to them and know they will always be there to pick us up and make any day so much better just by reading them. They give people something to look forward to and are so well worth the wait when we finally get our hands on them. Can you promise us if we keep reading will you keep writing?

As I would be totally lost without them! Brilliant - I have just written my answer to this question in the answer above - and the resounding answer is YES! Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love xxxx @PaigeToonAuthor

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A MASSIVE thanks to Paige Toon for taking the time out! I know we all appreciate it!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Well there you have it! Paige Toon surprise REVEALED!

What do yous think??



  1. I have not read any Paige's book, looking forward to read it soon :)

  2. I haven't read any of her book yet but i'm always happy to discover more author ^^

    My favourite is Patricia Briggs

  3. I have not read any Paige Toon books yet.

    My favorite author right now is Jessica Spotswood.

  4. Paige is a new author to me, but after reading the reviews on your blog I can't wait to read every single book!

  5. Paige Toons books are my recent new books :) I love them as I read
    amazing! hope you write more!

  6. Paige Toon is the new author whose books I recently have started reading... I love them! especially one perfect summer, cannot put it down! i hope there'll be movies on your books, that'd be great :) hope you make more books! Thanks

  7. I have read every one of Paige's books she has become one of my favourite authors :)cant wait for the next one!

  8. The minute I read the first pages of Johnny Be Good I fell in love with it, instantly, deeply and hysterically! Spent a while in the search of Baby Be Mine in the Island of God, Bali, where I live is not so easy. Let alone ordering a book might not arrive! The first day I arrived in Europe to visit family, I bought it online! And again, I fell in love with it, instantly, deeply and hysterically! I did not put my book away for two days, I CAN'T!!! Now I have black circles around my eyes but my heart is happy for Johnny & Meg! Paige Toon, you've made me grinning for the rest of the week! You know how to play with readers emotion! And I just loooove the way you write! You're one of my favorite now! Never ever stop writing, promise me! Thank you xxx

  9. just finished One perfect summer - I loved it :D
    Next thing to read is Johnny be good. I can´t wait

  10. My favourite novel written by Paige is Lucy in the Sky. I can't wait to read One Perfect Summer

  11. Someone please tell me there is going to be another book telling us how little Barney grows up! I MUST KNOW!

  12. I have Read all off your Novels Paige Toon If you're Seeing this You are my Number 1 Author .Baby Be Mine Is my fave novel because of the suspense and the arguments and the happy ending at the end .I have RE read it again recently and it never seems to surprise me .

  13. Part 2 of my comment i have read them all about 5 times each you have inspired me to start writing my own book but i hope to see another Johnny , Meg and Barney and the baby story :)