Foretold blog tour: Character Profile

 Riley profile in depth?

Hi. Im Peter King. Yeah, Riley Blackthornes friend. I figured I should say a few things about her now that shes in the news all the time. Its been really cool (and scary) to watch her go from BFF to someone who kicks demon butt on a regular basis. Still, every time she shows up with a new scar I try not to freak. Its hard to watch someone you love get hurt, you know?
Love, you say? Lets get this straight right now. Riley and I never dated. We did kiss once but, well, it was a big fat zero. I was happy about that. All I have is brothers so Riley is the sister who is always there for me.

Shes a nice girl, never stuck up or anything. Back when we went to a regular school wed sit together at lunch. My mom was into health food and no matter how much I pleaded shed never pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my lunch. After I complained to Riley about that, she always had one and wed trade for whatever nuts and twigs monstrosity my mom had made that day. It was only later that I found out that Riley wasnt that fond of peanut butter, but shed ask her mom to make the sandwich just so I could have it. That blew me away.

I admit that I wasnt happy when I heard shed become a demon trapper, but I figured her dad would keep her safe. Then he died and I just couldnt handle it. When I got her in face about it, she didnt back down. She can be way stubborn sometimes. Like her and Beck. Geez, what it is with those two? I liked Simon, but Beck is the right guy for Riley. I can see she loves him, but will they just talk it out? Oh no. Lots of drama. It spooks me, because their job is really dangerous. If they wait too long, they may never have any time together as a couple. That would hurt so bad.

Riley is not tech savvy, thats not in her skill set. But she adapts quickly to new situations and has little tolerance for idiots. Or ex-boyfriends like Alan. I got to give her creditthe instant Alan hit her she was out of there. She respects who she is and wont let anyone put her down. I could use some of that courage.

Rileys biggest secret? Oh, you do want to get me killed, dont you? She is afraid of the dark. Yeah, go figure. Ms. Demon Central herself doesnt like the dark. That why I was surprised she sat vigil for her dad …at night. But thats the thing about Rileysomething might frighten her, but shell find a way to conquer that fear and move on. Sometimes that stubbornness works in her favour.

So my friend Riley is a cool girl. Shes taken on Heaven and Hell and is still around to consume hot chocolate in vast quantities. Im proud of her, even if she does trap demons for a living and loves to give me grief. But then thats what friends are for, right?

Have you read The Demon Trappers? What did you think of it??


  1. ^^ great post i could really imagine him speaking around a cup of chocolate and looking behind shoulder to be sure riley wasn't there^^

  2. Love this profile by Peter! I'm happy to learn he was in Beck's corner from the start and like me didn't really like her with Simon! I always did love Peter! So sad the series is finished now though. I want more Riley and Beck.

  3. I never started this series and I can't even explain why, it seems to be a lot of peoples favourites so maybe I should get the first book and give it a go!

  4. @ Kerry-Ann - Thanks for inviting me to the blog!!!

    @ Miki - Peter's really careful like that. ;-)

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