No post due to head injury!

This is Kerry-Anns sister Megan. Yesterday afternoon Kerry-Ann had an accident and fell and hit her head and due to her head injury she isn't allowed on a computer for 48hrs so no posts will be posted at this time!

She knows there is missing posts from the Birthday Bash but she will try her best to get them sorted once she is better!

Thanks Megan!


  1. Oh dear, I hope shes ok, that sounds nasty!

  2. I really hope it's not grave. Take good care of her for us please and tell her i think about her

    She doesn't have to worry about her birthday bash, her health is really more important

  3. i hope she heals soon and it is not serious

  4. Hi it's Meg from ReadingInTheSunshine :)

    Sending you big big hugs Kerry-Ann and hope you're feeling better soon!!!

    Lots of love xxxx

  5. Hugs Megan! xoxo feel better see you soon!