Head all better!

Woop Woop!

I'm better thank god! :) I had quite a scare there two weeks ago BUT I'm all better now and although I'd love to start blogging away as usual I'm afraid I can't.

Everytime I'm on a computer for more than 5 minutes I get shooting pains through my head so I'm unable to keep this blog updated and blog as usual. Even though I'd love too so much, so I am taking a couple of months off from blogging and will be back at the end od November!

Until then, Megan from Reading Away the Days will taking over here starting next Monday the 17! She'll be adding giveaways, interviews, guest posts and more so I really hope yous will all stick around till then and stay till the end of November!

I will be blogging on my other blog A Redheads Guilty Reads still so maybe I'll see you there! Just make sure you're over the age of 18!! LOL

I will be back blogging around the end of November start of December so I hope to see you all then! :)




  1. Don't over do it please!

    take care!

  2. Nice to see a post from you and that you are getting better, looking forward to your return and I'll continue to support the blog in your absence!

  3. sounds like quite a scare to me - I am glad you are better :) but yes, please dont over do it. Head/health more important than blog ;)

    Will you in november or Megan after she take over your blog then picks the winners from your giveaways? :)