The Box by Christina Gaudet Blog Tour: Book Excerpt & Giveaway

Today is the start of The Box by Christina Gaudet Blog Tour and I am happy to bring you a book excerpt and a giveaway!

The Box
Some gifts should be left unopened.

When her gran passes away, the only item left to Lou is a small wooden box. Although it’s not the car that her sister, Cindy, receives, Lou knows it could have been worse. She could have gotten Gran’s collection of toenails. When Lou opens the box and a guy the size of a stick of gum falls out; she changes her mind – the nail clippings would have been better.

Not a day goes by that Lou doesn’t wish she could shove that guy back in the box and pretend she’d never laid eyes on him. Because of him, she discovered Gran was a sorceress and Cindy is a witch and all these years they have been keeping Lou’s magic locked away “for her own safety.” Without the magic she’s vulnerable to whoever, or whatever, is after her. With it, she’s a target for a fate worth than death.


Every muscle in my body is tense and ready to spring, but I hold myself in place. No need to freak out. It’s only a spider after all. More afraid of you and all that. And if I start flopping around like an idiot, it might get mad and bite.

Slowly, I reach down to the hem of my shirt. Even more slowly so as not to frighten the thing into doing something rash like bite me or run for the excellent hiding spot of my ear, I pull the material down, flattening out the folds.

My heart flutters as I finally catch sight of the thing. I’m about to flick it off me and throw myself in the opposite direction when I notice the bug is staring straight at me with a look more horrified than my own. Not only that, it seems to have only two legs and two arms, not the eight I’ve been expecting.

When my ears start to ring I realise I’ve been staring at the thing on my stomach for a very long time without breathing. I gasp in a tiny bit of air as the thing does something shockingly similar.

A human. An impossibly tiny human crouches on my stomach.
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