Hacked, birthday wishes and giveaway

Hacked, birthday wishes and giveaway

As some of you may have seen my Lucy Felthouse Day started going really good yesterday until I couldn't get into my email account to get the other posts. Your probably thinking I've forgotten my password for the hundreth time but in fact no! I was hacked!

Both my email accounts have been hacked which is super annoying and really weird.... especially as it just had to happen a day before Halloween..... Yep! I think this is punishment for me not answering the door to trick or treaters but I don't care! I HATE HALLOWEEN! It's scary and theres masks and people jump out at you and then there's freaky little children running around all over the place with scary masks on and find it funny that you run away from them! Don't even get me started on the spiders what's with SPIDERS at this time of year?? There's a massive one in my shopping centre and it's FREAKY!

Okay that rant over.... I'll be there all day if I don't move on LOL

I've already told you about my two email accounts being hacked. I have managed to change both passwords and I'm really hoping that's it all done! I am also trying to fix some blogging stuff as that was nearly deleted. Most of my contacts will have received an email with a link, please do not click on it! I have no idea what it is and frankly I don't want to! Some emails have been deleted ... okay well alot of emails but I am trying to get it fixed!

To make matters even worse I got an amazing, (I'm gonna cry) surprise in the post this morning from the amazing, phenomabubble, awesome, brilliant, author Natalie Anderson! Yes like the real one! Like the actual one that I gabble on about all the time! Like thee Natalie Anderson! (Am I going over over over the top with this?) Do you get the picture? Well... in case you'd like to see! I took pictures! Woop Woop! I'm like going into obsession overdrive right now! I mean one my FAVOURITE authors in the whole entire world has like touched and signed these books I have (I am NOT crazy) I think I need I need to see Dr Flynn from 50 Shades! Am I dreaming?

Now.... they look like any other books by an amazing author BUT wait and see what's inside!

Their SIGNED! Did I mention that already? But helloo these are amazing! I mean.... (I'm gonna cry again) Yes AGAIN I screamed.. then cried and then screamed again.... I think the poor postman nearly had a heart attack..... aw well he's young and super fit! ;) But these books! These are MINE! I sound slighty crazy.... I swear I'm not! Just think of me as.... a twi-hard fan meeting R-pattz yeah? Well then times that by 10000000 :)

I've not given you a sore head yet have I? I've been gabbling alot today! :) Well I'm glad it's all out of my system now as I can send a really nice, calm email to the author thanking her ever so much.... which will probably includ loads of ahh's again and when I write them I am actually yelling! Not crazy remember? Really though.... if yous haven't read any of Natalie Anderson's novels you need to!.... I'm nodding my head and thinking how can I force yous to read them... hmm.....

Today is also an important date! It's 30 October! I know what your thinking... whys that date important? But it is trust me as it's my wondeful, beautiful, smart, annoying sisters birthday! Yep! (Incase you're wondering next year she'll be quarter of a century)

If you have a sister then you'll understand one minute you could be arguing and the next yous don't even know what it was about (It's like that for us anyway) I'd be totally lost without her... no really I would be! I don't know my way about anywhere! She's probably shocked I can process these feelings! :) But if you have a sister then you understand you have a best friend for life and you will always be there for them and vise versa... also the really important thing.... they can't get rid of you :)

So... for a few years I've been adding embarrassing pics of her on FB and I thought I'd do one better! Add it here!

 Yep.... don't ask what she was doing... as I have no idea.... :) Sprite makes her go hyper! (Even at 24)
She doesn't know that it's here, she thinks I'm being super nice this year and not doing it but.... wouldn't wanna let her down! :)
But..... that pic was taken quite a few months ago... this one on the other hand wasn't...
Isn't that green.... brown.... whatever coloured dress beautiful? Thank god her dress sense has improved!
What do you think of what she's wearing?
Love you Megan & Happy Birthday! xxxxx
Now after me babbling on for ages for whoever reads this yous really deserve a medal! Or a chance to win some swag! Yep that's the one! :)

I'm not sure if I get the meaning of this post...but....
As it's my sisters birthday I am having a mini C.A. Kunz Swag giveaway! It will include bookmark, badge and another few items. Why C.A. Kunz you wanna know? Cause my sister loves their novels and they are two of her very favourite authors!
Rafflecopter is below & It's open worldwide.
Goodluck! xx
(I'm now away to hide.... before she reads this and kills me... shhhh she doesn't know)
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Review: Waking Up in the Wrong Bed by Natalie Anderson

Review: Waking Up in the Wrong Bed by Natalie Anderson

(This had been previously published on my old blog A Redheads Guilty Reads)

Title: Waking Up in the Wrong Bed
Author: Natalie Anderson
Publisher:  Harlequin
Published: 7 August 2012
My Copy: I bought a copy of this myself.
Rating: ★★★★★

Waking Up in the Wrong Bed
Book bio:
When film location scout Ellie Summers sneaks into a colleague's hotel room with seduction in mind, she's thrilled by her own daring!

But the smug morning-after glow morphs into red-faced mortification when she wakes in the arms of a total stranger! Ruben Theroux might be fine with the situation, but a flustered Ellie most definitely is not.

Ellie's only defence against this very attractive guy is to insist they're friends only--strictly no benefits! But Ruben isn't a successful businessman for nothing--they'll be good together, and he's happy to play dirty to get what he wants....
Waking up in the Wrong Bed is a hot, romantic, modern Natalie Anderson classic! The author is by far a favourite of mine as she brings an emotional connection from her character to the reader and gives anyone the reading experience they deserve to get!

I couldn't get enough of it! The situation of the novel pulls the readers in wanting to discover more.
Ellie Summers takes the bull by the horns one night thinking (or rather not thinking) she's sneaking into her colleagues hotel room to seduce him. What could possibly go wrong.... eh? Her colleague has been flirting with her for weeks so enough is enough.
Even though Ellie has the best sex possible of her life as she took control of the night, the next morning is a different thing altogether.
Ruben Theroux thinks he's dreaming until he has any mans fantasy come to life with a woman seducing him out of his deprives sleep.... What else can he do but go along with it?
Ruben and Ellie prove a point that a man & woman cannot have a platonic friendship... Especially when you've slept together and also when the electricity between them would sizzle everything out in a 100 mile radios to them.
But when they can't seem to get enough of each other and more emotion than sex gets involved.... What will happen?
This novel is truly amazing & yet another perfect reading experience from the phenomenal Natalie Anderson.
Buy a copy of this novel here:

Author Profile:
Short Bio: (Taken from Amazon)
Natalie Anderson adores a happy ending, which is why she always reads the back of a book first. Just to be sure. So you can be sure you've got a happy ending in your hands when you buy one of her books - because she promises nothing less.
Along with happy endings, she loves peppermint filled dark chocolate, pineapple juice and extremely long showers. Not to mention spending hours teasing her imaginary friends with dating dilemmas. She tends to torment them before eventually relenting and offering - you guessed it, a happy ending.
She lives in Christchurch, New Zealand with her gorgeous husband and four fabulous children.
What do you think of Waking up in the Wrong Bed? Have you read it? - Or any other of Natalie Anderson's novels you want to recommend?

Review: Susie White and the Right Hand Man by Lucy Felthouse

Review: Susie White and the Right Hand Man by Lucy Felthouse

(This had been previously published on my old blog A Redheads Guilty Reads)

Title: Susie White & the Right Hand Man
Author: Lucy Felthouse
Published: 6 December 2011
My Copy: I received an ecopy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: ★★★

Susie White and the Right Hand Man
Book Bio:

A wedding, an evil plan, a love story and a sacrifice are the order of the day in this modern retelling of Snow White and the Huntsman.

Lucy Felthouse is by far my favourite Erotica authors with her enticing and mind-blowing novels she captures her readers imagination and Susie White and the Right Man is just the very example of that and not just because of the sexy Scott.
I throughly enjoyed this novel just as I do any other by Lucy Felthouse but Susie White and Right Man truly was a heart warming and intriging book, With just that little bit of magic in it to make it all that more incredible.
From the very start that Susie and Scott are introduced at Susies wicked witch step-mother Louises wedding their attraction is obvious! With some very hot scenes and a happily ever after this novel truly has it all!

Author: WebsiteTwitter

You can purchase a copy of this novel here:
 Amazon UK
Amazon US
All Romance eBooks

What do you think of my review and the novel? Have you read Susie White & the Right Man?

Review: Punish Me Good by Lucy Felthouse

Review: Punish Me Good by Lucy Felthouse

Punish Me Good

Title: Punish me Good
Author: Lucy Felthouse
Publisher: House of Erotica
Published: 25 January 2012
My Copy: I received an ecopy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: ★★★

Review: A Menu with A Difference by Lucy Felthouse

Review: A Menu with A Difference by Lucy Felthouse

(This has been previously published on my old blog A Redheads Guilty Reads)

Title: A Menu with A Difference
Author: Lucy Felthouse
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Published: 14 November 2011
My Copy: I received an ecopy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: ★★★★★

A Menu with a Difference
Book Bio:
When Jed and Annette spend a weekend in a luxury hotel, they're planning to take full advantage of the hot tub and large bed - preferably with a third party. Annette's never been with another woman before, but she's eager to experience some Sapphic delight. When the couple meets waitress Tamara at the restaurant they're lunching at, they agree she's perfect in many ways; but is she on the menu?
Wow, Just wow! It may have only contained 13 pages but it is by far one of my favourite stories ever! It will definitely be on my menu now!

A Menu with a Difference was my first lesbian and threesome read and I have to say Lucy has made me want to dive in for more with her well detailed and described characters and plot you won't be able to help wanting more!
Jed and Annette are likable characters and I certainly wanted to read more about them, I liked the dynamic of the relationship and how settled they were with their choices.
I loved how Tamara knew exactly what they were up to and still wanted to be involved it just shows you that some people (even though it's a story) are a little adventurous.
A Menu with a difference is most definately a quick, flirty, erotica, sexy hot book! One which mostly anyone would love!

Author:  Website / Twitter
Purchase a copy of the novel here:

Amazon (Kindle)

What do you think of my review and the novel? Have you read it?

Author Interview with Lucy Felthouse (Part 1)

Author Interview with Lucy Felthouse (Part 1)

This has been previously published on my old blog A Redheads Guilty Reads)

Hey Lucy thank you so much for taking the time out today to appear on my blog, How are you?
I’m well, thank you. At this very second in time I am lamenting the fact that England is having a sunny day, except for my bit, which seems to be covered in cloud! Other than that, I’m great. I’m working on a really exciting writing project which I hope comes off, so wish me luck!

Can you tell readers abit about yourself and your writing journey so far?

Well I’ve loved reading and writing as long as I can remember. As a child, I either had my nose stuck in a book or was scribbling madly away on bits of paper. The love continued, and I think was definitely helped by the fact that I always had really good, enthusiastic, encouraging English teachers at school and college (well, except for one at college, he was a miserable bugger!). Although I knew I loved writing, I knew I couldn’t just leave education and expect to suddenly make money out of writing, so I had no idea what to do in terms of a career.

So I went to University to do a Creative Writing degree. I figured that I should go and do something I knew I’d enjoy. While I was there, someone dared me to write an erotic story. I did, and it went down very well with the male members of my group of friends. I’d also really enjoyed writing it, so I carried on. Word reached the professor who was leading our course, and he encouraged me to go and talk to one of the other lecturers, who just happened to be a published erotic writer (Mitzi Szereto). She gave me some pointers and information and I started researching the market and submitting stories.

My first published piece was in the now defunct Scarlet magazine, quickly followed by a story in the Xcite Books anthology, Seriously Sexy 3. Publication gave me a huge buzz to keep writing, so I did, and I’ve never looked back. I’m slowly branching out into longer works, but I think I’ll always love writing the short stories, too.

Can you tell us your latest news?

I’ve had a couple of new releases in the past few weeks. While the Boys Are Away is a mini-anthology of lesbian short stories. You can read the blurb and an excerpt here:

I’ve also had a story in a new Xcite Books e-anthology, Desperate Measures. My story is the title story, and is about a woman who finds an interesting way of making money when she’s made redundant from her job: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/desperate-measures/

Finally, I have my first novella coming out in a few weeks. Off the Shelf is an erotic romance about a travel writer in her thirties who’s fed up of people making comments about her lack of boyfriend. She wants a boyfriend, but she doesn’t have much time outside her job – and most of the guys she meets aren’t for her. That is, until she meets Damien... http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/the-secret-library-silk-stockings/ I absolutely adored writing this novella, and have the biggest crush on Damien!
Why do you write erotica?
Why not?J Basically, once I got started I just wrote more and more. I’ve also made some great people that I’m proud to call my friends. I’ve done readings, attended conferences and events, and it’s just a great community to be a part of. Perhaps one day I’ll write in a different genre, but for now there are so many erotic stories and erotic romances floating around in my head that I can’t stop now!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Anywhere and everywhere. Films, books, overheard conversations, photographs, TV shows, people, places. All it takes is one tiny spark of an idea and I can build a whole story around it.

What has been your most challenging or favourite book to write? I would say that Off the Shelf was both the most challenging and my favourite book to write – so far. It was a huge learning curve for me to go from short stories to something longer. I was so worried about running out of plot, or there not being enough sex in the story, or too much. Or that I’d start hating my characters because I was writing so much about them. Luckily, by the time I reached the end I was happy that I’d managed it, but I also still loved the story. I’m sure novelists think I’m crazy, worrying about a novella, but I started off in short stories and they’re my comfort zone. But I’m gradually stepping out of that comfort zone – and I have ideas for more novellas and novels in my head, so I hope they’ll see the light of day at some point!
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Read as much as you possibly can in the genre you want to write in. You’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, what’s being published, and so on. You shouldn’t try and copy someone’s style – the more you write, the more your own style will develop. Also, learn to edit your own work. It can be very difficult to start with as you want to keep every word you’ve put on the page, but you have to do what’s right for the story, to make it the best you possibly can.

Do you have anything specific you'd like to let your readers know?

Yes! Talk to me! I love to hear from readers; what they’ve enjoyed, what they haven’t, etc. You can get in touch through my website (http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk), Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/cw1985) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/lucyfelthousewriter). I also have a monthly newsletter – and each month there’s either an exclusive discount or giveaway – check it out! http://eepurl.com/gMQb9

I'd like to thank Lucy massively for taking the time out I know we all really appreciate it! :)

What did you think of the novel? Have you read any of Lucy's novels? Do you have a favourite? :)

Review: Lyrical by Victoria Blisse

Review: Lyrical by Victoria Blisse

(This has been previously published on my old blog A Redheads Guilty Reads)

Title: Lyrical
Author: Victoria Blisse
My Copy: I received an ecopy of this novel via Writer Marketing Services in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: ★★★

Book Bio:
Living in a world of lyrics, she sings his song and he is powerless to resist. Peter is anti-social. He doesn't speak to a soul at work and listens to his music 24/7. He thinks he is too fat to fit in. Rock chick Chloe disagrees and slowly pulls Peter out of his shell. She finally wins him over with her beautiful singing voice but he just does not know how to deal with this beautiful woman and her lusts. Does Chloe have the patience to teach him to play her song to the rhythm of their shared sensuality or will he be forever doomed to a solitary life with only his music for comfort?
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lyrical. It was my first ever story completely from a males point of view and I'm so glad it was Peters.

The Characters in Lyrical are really detailed and so well described I felt as if Peter was just like any other insecure young man.
Chloe I loved her character so much she's so confident and carefree and just doesn't worry about anyone else.
I loved this story and I'll definitely be reading more of Victoria Blisses novels as this one was utterly amazing!!

Author: Website  Facebook / Twitter
Purchase a copy of this novel here:
What do you think of the review and the novel?  

Review: Roccanti's Marriage Recenger by Lynne Graham

Review: Roccanti's Marriage Recenger by Lynne Graham

(This had been previously published on my old blog A Redheads Guilty Reads)

Title: Roccanti's Marriage Revenge
Author: Lynne Graham
Published: 20 March 2012
Publisher: Mills & Boon
My Copy: I bought a copy of this novel.
Rating: ★★★★

Roccanti's Marriage Revenge (Modern)
Book Bio:

Vitale Roccanti's plan was simple - sleep with the daughter to get to the father.
What could go wrong?
But staring at the black and white headline that announces the success of his plan doesn't feel half as satisfying as Zara did beneath his touch... Zara Blake is shattered by the public expose of the night she risked it all - and lost.
She betrayed her father, and his plans for her marriage, for one chance at passion. But that's nothing compared to the headline that will come in nine months' time!
Roccanti's Marriage Revenge is an exciting, heart warming formidable read.

The characters and scenes that play out are so well described you can picture them, I can't help but think I want to go to Italy...... for the scenery of course!
It's an enjoyable novel set at just the right pace to enjoy reading it thoroughly. It has put me right in the mood for Spring & Summer so it's a must have for everyone as it is sure to put a smile on your face!
Defo the perfect novel for a holiday or day at the beach... although right now in Northern Ireland... Stick to the couch with some chocolate as you read it looking at the rain pour down!
All in All: Lynne Graham has wrote an amazing novel which you ill be unable to put down!
Website: http://www.lynnegraham.com/Twitter: @lynne__graham
Purchase a copy of the novel here:
Amazon UK / Amazon US / The Book Depository / Mills & Boon

Have you read any of Lynne's novels you could recommend? What did you think of the review? Read Roccanti's Revenge?

The Assembly Room Blog Tour: Book Excerpt & Giveaway

The Assembly Room Blog Tour: Book Excerpt & Giveaway

Book Excerpt- The Assembly Room by Bryony Allen

It took a lot of leverage with a screwdriver that Matt had left on the mantelpiece, and even more elbow grease to release the wood. “This has been here for a long time,” muttered Rosie as she cursed the cat. “I’m not even sure what it has been sealed with.”
When it came away suddenly, both mother and daughter wished it had stayed put. They fell backwards onto the floor, coughing, spluttering and choking. At least a couple of hundred years worth of dust and debris from the chimney floated through the air seeking a surface to cover. Snowdrop chose that moment to run howling from the room.
The true horror came when the dust cloud settled and the Stearne women had wiped the grit and soot from their eyes. Most of the rubble in the fireplace lay relatively flat but just away from the centre was a raised heap. It looked as though there was something beneath it. Rosie and Merryn began to move aside the bricks and debris, sweeping away the soot with their bare hands.
“Mum, I can feel something.” With the care of an archaeologist, Merryn continued excavating until the object was revealed. Without realising what she was holding, she picked it up and held it out in proud display. Then she looked, she realised, she dropped it and she screamed. Rosie did not scream but she looked on in horror.
Blurb: The Assembly Room by Bryony Allen
The ghosts of The Assembly Room have been waiting for someone to unlock their secrets, and Merryn Stearne has arrived.
For 14 year old Merryn, the future should have been perfect – a new home in the idyllic Suffolk countryside and romance with the gorgeous boy next door, Jamie. If only the past would stop interfering with the present.
Dreams of medieval witchcraft trails become terrifyingly real and Merryn realises there is a mystery to be solved. With Jamie's help, she uncovers the truth about her ancestor's role in the Suffolk witch hunts of 1645.
But can they stop the curse that threatens to ruin the Stearne family once again, or are the forces of the past too strong?
Book The Assembly Room

Amazon Com - http://amzn.to/QIvofQ
The Book Depository - http://bit.ly/PrYgZz
Barnes and Noble - http://bit.ly/QPOGQI
Tesco eBooks (ePub and PDF) - http://bit.ly/Tc4liF
Waterstones - http://bit.ly/OUy35e
Pneuma Springs - http://bit.ly/OqOC7v
Indiebound - http://bit.ly/SZKoK2
Stalk the author:

Twitter- @Bryony_Allen
The Assembly Room Facebook page - http://on.fb.me/SePNcd
My Amazon Author Central page- http://amzn.to/WlSH5n
Completely Novel - http://bit.ly/P7MGVG

Review: In Bed with A Stranger by India Grey

Review: In Bed with A Stranger by India Grey

(This has been previously published on my old blog A Redheads Guilty Reads)

Title: In Bed with A Stranger
Author: India Grey
Publisher: Mills and Boon (Modern)
Published: 20 December 2011
My Copy: I bought a copy of this novel.
Rating: ★★★★

In Bed With A Stranger (Modern)
Book Bio:
The ticking time bomb of their marriage

Sophie Greenham whirled into army officer Kit Fitzroy's life like a red-headed tornado, smashing through the walls surrounding his heart and changing his life for ever. Leaving his bubbly fiancée to return to the front line disposing of bombs was the harder thing Kit had ever done . . . .

When he returns home, their reunion is raw and intoxicating. But the man Sophie loves is now a virtual stranger. Tormented, and determined to keep his distance, he can only truly connect with her in the bedroom..... But they'll need more than passion to survive the challenges ahead unscathed.....

In bed with a Stranger caught my attention from the very first moment I saw it in the shop which I bought it. With it's intriguing blurb I couldn't possibly put it back down on the shelf.
Read in just under 6 hours which I think that means I liked it! ALOT! well. . . maybe loved it! I started it just after midnight and finished it just before 5 in the morning.
In bed with a Stranger was without a doubt worthwhile staying up half the night for. Something which I haven't done in years!
India Grey has wrote Sophie and Kit so compelling and honest you simply have to turn the next page. This novel not only shows you how war can really affect a man doing his work but how it can a affect those around him. & who doesn't love a hot sexy man in uniform?? Especially the army?
The most compelling and mind gripping thing that kept pulling me into the book was the event and feelings in this novel can happen to anyone.The author doesn't male the story predictable which I enjoyed so much! I wanted to keep reading to see what would happen as I had no idea.
The scenes and characters are so well described I couldn't believe how well I could picture it all in my head especially the bit in Morocco when Sophie is being fed in the street by Fit with her eyes closed. I can clearly picture that and how the characters would be and it as an amazing thing when you can do that.
In bed with a Stranger made me laugh, cry and smile! & it's a very rare thing for me to cry at a book.
India Grey has wrote a funny, heart warming, amazing, compelling read and her books just have to get better and better.
When I started reading this book I had no idea it was in a series so make sure you read the first one first then this one. :)
Website: http://www.indiagrey.com/Twitter: @indiagrey

Purchase a copy of this novel here:

Amazon (Paperback)
Amazon (Kindle)
What did you think of the review and the novel? Have you read any of Samantha Hunters novels?

Review: Every Breath You Take by Hope Tarr

Review: Every Breath You Take by Hope Tarr

This has been previously published on my old blog A Redheads Guilty Reads)

Title: Every Breath You Take
Author: Hope Tarr
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Published: 1 January 2009
My Copy: I borrowed a copy of this novel from my local library.
Rating: ★★★

Every Breath You Take... (Lust In Translation) (Harlequin Blaze #441)
Book bio:
Biotech hotshot Alexandra Kendall is in way over her head. It's bad enough that a business trip to Belize has put her in danger. But now she finds out that the man hired to protect her is none other than former FBI special agent Cole Whittaker--the same man who'd loved her (oh God, how he'd loved her...) and then left her five years ago.Reappearing in Alex's life is one of the biggest risks Cole has ever taken. Once his undercover job forced him to abandon her. Now he has the chance to redeem himself--one scorching kiss at a time.

But first he must convince Alex that the safest place for her is in his bed....

Hope Tarr has wrote an enticing, appealing, fun-filled, hot sexy read which is out-standing!
Alex and Cole fell madly in love and the day Cole was going to propose he got called away due to his job leaving a heart broken Alex in the airport without so much as a text!
Five years on, Alex is a scientist working for her fiance and with a trip to Belize that could seal the deal for a major part in the company Alex receives a threatening letter telling her she must not go to Belize so her loving fiance Traxton hires her a protector, one who Alex knows every inch - Cole!
Every Breath You Take was so intriguing and I kept needing to read more and more to find out what happens! The chemistry is obvious from the get go when they are introduced by Traxton in his office and as soon as they are alone the questions from Alex just keep coming!
The scene which I most loved about the whole book was obviously the ending but also the waterfall scene, it was so beautiful and hot! Hot Hot hot!! After five years of being in love they finally felt their feeling resurfacing for each other and everything else just seemed to go away it was perfect!
Alex was one character which I enjoyed reading about so much and not just because it was her dream of becoming an author. I thoroughly loved when she went to the restaurant to tell Traxton just what she thought about him! The whole thing had me laughing.
Cole . . . Even the name has me wanting to read the book again! He was one of the most hottest characters I have ever read about, he was so genuine and loving and wasn't afraid to admit to anyone he was in love! Not like most men!
Every Breath You Take was most definitely an exciting read! One which I will most likely read again. This is just the start of me reading more of Hopes books.
Author:Website: http://www.hopetarr.com/
Twitter: @HopeTarr
Facebook: (Click Here)

You can purchase a copy of the novel here:

Amazon (Kindle)
Amazon (Paperback)

What did you think of the review and the nove? Have you read Every Breath You Take?

Review: Unfinished Business by Natalie Anderson, Nina Harrington and Robyn Grady

Review: Unfinished Business by Natalie Anderson, Nina Harrington and Robyn Grady

This had been previously published on my old blog A Redheads Guilty Reads)

Title: Unfinished Business
Author: Natalie Anderson, Nina Harrington and Robyn Grady
Publisher: Mills & Boon
Publsihed: December 2010
My Copy: I bought a copy of this novel.
Rating: ★★★★★

Unfinished Business
Book Bio:
Bought: One Night, One Marriage by Natalie Anderson,

Always the Bridesmaid by Nina Harrington.
Confessions of a Millionaire's Mistress by Robyn Grady.
Unfinished Business is a book with three hot stories by three very hot authors I genuinely loved every single page of each story and will definitely be reading again.
Each story touched my heart differently and made me compelled to read more there were a few tears in Bought: One Night, One Marriage but don't let that put you off as Unfinished Business is scorching HOT!!

Bought: One Night, One Marriage:

The Business Women and the Tycoon

When Cally buys Blake at a bachelor auction, she has no idea what to do with him - so she puts the sexy businessman to work! But one weekend just isn't enough . . .


Another one of Natalie Anderson's hot reads! Cally and Blake are two characters which I really enjoyed reading about. Their chemistry and the way it was described was so amazing I couldn't help but read more. Through the ups and downs of Cally and Blake did tear at my heart strings alot which is surprising for me as I'm not the type to get emotional over a book I would advise anyone to read this book as it simply is the one of the most amazing books you will ever imagine reading!

Always the Bridesmaid
The Baker and the Entrepreneur
She was only meant to be making her best friend's wedding cake! Now Amy is planning the wedding. Her friends big brother, millionaire Jared, is forced to roll up his sleeves to help - and Amy is proving a potent distraction!
Nina Harrington has wrote fun, flirty, loving, caring characters for an amazing story! Always the Bridesmaid made me laugh at times as it was such a good fun quick read. I'm defo going to be reading more of Nina's books as I know they will be just as brilliant as this one.

Confessions of a Millionaires Mistress
The Heiress and the Millionaire

When Celeste discovers her family business has been sold to Benton, she's determined to get it back. But gorgeous Benton sets her pulse racing and her carefully laid plans lead her to just one place - his bed!
Celeste and Benton are two characters which you could read about forever, Well I could anyway. You didn't now what to expect from them or what their intentions were going to be which made the story more interesting. This was such an awesome read!
All together these three stories were all amazing and I loved reading about each character! If you'd like yo purchase a copy of this book then click on one of the links below.

Have you read this book? What did you think about it? What did you think of my review?


Review: A Night of Living Dangerously by Jennifer Lucas

Review: A Night of Living Dangerously by Jennifer Lucas

(This has been previously published on my old blog A Redheads Guilty Reads)

Title: A Night of Living Dangerously
Author: Jennie Lucas
Publisher: Mills & Boon UK
Published: 20 January 2012
My Copy: I bought a copy of this novel.
Rating: ★★★★

Book Bio:
Lilley's fairy-tale wish is about to be granted. She'll swap her gray suits for a fabulous dress and killer heels, and dance the night away with the man every other woman wants…but only for one night.

Alessandro Caetani does not do happy-ever-afters. In fact, his charm extends only as far as getting his Little Mouse secretary into bed. Lilley has never taken such a risk before, but this is her night of living dangerously.…

A Night of living dangerously is a romantic, compelling, intriguing, fun loving novel! Along with the novel the cover of the novel is beautifully stunning!

This has been the first ever Mills & Boon book which I picked up due to it’s front cover as it itself tells a story! The Cover I think really is so beautiful - maybe more books in future will look like this.

When I read what the book was about I knew that this wasn’t just a book with a pretty cover, the story sounded amazing so I bought straight away. I couldn’t to go home and read it as I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed!!

Lilley is the best character I have EVER read about! I immediately felt attached to her and wanted to read more and more. The same goes for Alessandro! He was just so intriguing I wanted to know so much where there characters were going from the very first page!

From the very beginning I had no idea if the author was going to give me what I wanted or if she was going to give me the unexpected! But I really got what I wanted! Through the twists and turns of the characters lives I grew to honestly love them. Lilley especially.

The descriptions of the characters and the scenes around them were so well detailed I could picture it in my head and know exactly what way the characters would look due to Jennie Lucas’ details of them.

A Night of Living Dangerously had a lot of conversation! Something which I prefer a lot! I read quicker if two characters are talking and to me it makes the story better!

There’s novels which I love reading about and I don’t know why and it’s if a girl has a one night stand with a playboy and falls pregnant and I loved the way the men act in these books! A Night of Living of Dangerously is that book! Although better than you could ever have expected! I want to read more of these books. If anyone has read any please tell me! Although make sure their Mills & Boon first.

No other words could describe a third of how much I loved this book and just truly breath-taking it is! It is utterly amazing and I am so going to check out more of Jennie Lucas’ books!

What did you think of the review? Have you read any of Jennie Lucas' books?



Purchase the book Here:

Mills & Boon.co.uk (Paperback, Digital)
Amazon.co.uk (Paperback, Hardback, Digital)
Barnes and Noble.com (Paperback)

Lucy Felthouse Day 29 October

Lucy Felthouse Day 29 October

Heyy Everyone!

I'm doing this post as a sort of warning but also to let yous all know what's happening on 29 October!

Remember my birthday bash I had planned on both my book blogs? Well due to the injury I sustained I was unable to post any of the posts up as I hadn't really worked out how to schedule a post...... anywho! I thought I'd post them again, I'd first planned on holding a Lucy Felthouse Day! Mainly cause she's an amazing author and yous all think so..... right?? Good! ;)

So... ohh yess back to 29!

Next Monday there will be an interview with the author, reviews, giveaways and more!

There will be quite alot of posts that day as previous posts from A Redheads Guilty Reads will also be published.

All posts published and mentioned are for people aged 18 or over! No one under the age of 18! If you are under the age of 18 stay away from the blog for the day! PLEASE!

I'm actually thinking there are quite a few posts..... hmmm......

I will post an introduction post on Monday morning and let yous all know about it!

What's everyone think? Will you be taking part and reading posts? ]


Release Blitz- Raising the Bar by Lucy Felthouse

Release Blitz- Raising the Bar by Lucy Felthouse

*Contains Adult Content*  All the following information was provided via Writer Marketing Services.

Raising the Bar by Lucy Felthouse

When Kayleigh takes a gap year before starting University, she decides she’s going to stay away from guys and just concentrate on having fun and experiencing life. That means going through a lot of batteries, but she’s happy and satisfied.

That is, until she gets to Spain on her travels and meets her new co-worker, Luciano. The scorching hot Spaniard soon has Kayleigh’s knickers in a twist— literally—and the time they spend together seriously raises the bar for her sex life. How will any other man ever compare?

Buy links:  

My first shift at the restaurant passes in a blur of flirtatious glances. My pussy swells and my clit throbs, desperate for attention. It’s all I can do to resist disappearing into the bathroom for a sneaky wank. Even better, I’d like to drag Luciano in there with me and ride him until his teeth rattle. Instead, I console myself with the fact that once I get back to my apartment, I can do whatever the hell I like. And I know for a fact it’s going to involve an orgasm.

I take a taxi back to my apartment rather than walking the dark, unfamiliar streets alone. It also means I can get there quicker and relieve the tension that the sexy Spaniard has caused. I pay the driver as fast as possible then rush inside and slam the door behind me. I heave a sigh of relief as I lock myself in.

Undressing, I drop my clothes by the washing machine and head to the bathroom, desperate to get clean. It’s not work that’s made me feel dirty, though. The flirting with Luciano have left me seriously wet. The panties I’ve just discarded in front of the washing machine are sodden.

Stepping under the shower, I groan with pleasure as the hot water caresses my fevered skin. I stand there for a few seconds, letting the heat and the water relax me. My tension slips away and runs down the plughole. I grab the shampoo and give my hair a wash, digging my fingers into my scalp and massaging it. Now I’m calmer. But by the time I’ve rinsed the suds, he’s popped into my head again. Damn him.

Author bio:
Lucy is a graduate of the University of Derby, where she studied Creative Writing. During her first year, she was dared to write an erotic story - so she did. It went down a storm and she's never looked back. Lucy has had stories published by Cleis Press, Constable and Robinson, Decadent Publishing, Ellora's Cave, Evernight Publishing, House of Erotica, Ravenous Romance, Resplendence Publishing, Sweetmeats Press and Xcite Books. She is also the editor of Uniform Behaviour, Seducing the Myth, Smut by the Sea and Smut in the City. Find out more at
http://www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk. Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9

To me it sounds like another scorching hot novel by Lucy Felthouse! What do you think of Raising the Bar?

YOUR opinion needed!

YOUR opinion needed!

Recently I've been struggling to deal with 2 book blogs and quite frankly I shouldn't have done it as it's just too much work! I'm wanting to stop having two book blogs and just have the one...... I want to keep Reading A Little Bit of Everything and I want to start using it the way I'd first originally wanted to! BY READING A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING!

I've always loved romance and erotica and I also love fantasy to YA! So..... this is where you come in! I want your opinion on whether I should import A Redheads Guilty Reads into Reading A Little Bit Of Everything.

A Redheads Guilty Reads is my adult book blog where I review all kinds of erotica and also alot of romance! I'm a woman obsessed with a happy ending! I want to keep both blogs updated and I'm wanting to get my passion back for blogging the way it was when I first started!

Would you be comfortable with me publishing erotic reviews? Do you want it to stay the way it is? Are you under 18 and wouldn't be anle to read it?

This question is aimed at authors and my blog followers! Would you be comfortable asking me for a review knowing it will be published amongst erotic reviews?

I have a poll at the side of my blog ------> at the top if you would prefer just to vote on it!

I'd really like to know every ones opinion on this! I don't wanna do it and no one like it and I also don't want to have drop one blog.

(I'm also organising my LAST ever blog tour and really need bloggers to help participate, if you are interested the blog tour will run from 19-31 November - Email bookbloggerni @ yahoo.co.uk *remove spaces*)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Kerry-Ann xx

New Design!

New Design!


How are you?

I thought a change was in order so.... I redesigned Reading A Little Bit Of Everything! Alot has happened this year so I thought out with the old and in with the new! What's everyone think? Very Season-y! Ain't it?

I'm also wanting to ask you all a BIG favour do you have any book recommendations? I MEAN ANY kind of novel! I wanna more YA and fantasy and anything really! So... have you read any good books recently that you think I should defo read? Or have you discovered a new book that sounds good? PLEASE TELL ME! If you've even reviewed the novel leave a link so I can check it out!

Although could the books not be about fires or eating disorders, please! :)

Thank you!

Kerry-Ann x

Sex, Lies and Hot Tubs Blog Tour: Review and Excerpt

Sex, Lies and Hot Tubs Blog Tour: Review and Excerpt

This blog tour was host by CLP Blog Tours.
Elissa Ambrose was born in Montreal, Canada. After graduating from McGill University with a degree in English, for some strange reason she embarked on a career in computer programming. Seventeen years later, after an amicable parting with technology, she returned to her first love—the written word. First she was an editor at a company that produced educational material, and later at a literary magazine. Prior to Sex, Lies & Hot Tubs, she published four romances with Harlequin and several short stories. Along the road to publication, she raised two daughters. She and her husband now live in Arizona. (Yes, it’s hot. But it’s a dry heat, remember? And you can’t shovel heat.)

Connect with Elissa:
About the Book:
If a woman tries to preserve a marriage that has been damaged by infidelity, is she heroic or is she delusional? How many times does her husband have to cheat before she calls it quits? How many times does he have to get caught?

Meet Ellen Dunwell, doting wife, loving mother, high school teacher extraordinaire. She’s worried that her husband, the respected Dr. Jeffrey Dunwell, successful dermatologist, wonderful father, great lover, is having another affair. A man of many interests, Jeffrey also dabbles in real estate. But Ellen won’t confront him about what she’s sure is his latest interest, his perky new lab assistant, Keeley Wilder. She doesn’t want to sound like a shrew, but worse, what if she’s right? As if that’s not bad enough, her friends don’t understand her, her neighbor’s son is a Peeping Tom, and her angst-ridden teenage daughter is stashing pot in her room and dating a control freak. When Jeffrey suddenly disappears, Ellen nearly slips over the edge. Instead, she pulls herself together and sets out on a mission to find him—only to get caught up in a web of intrigue and danger, where nothing is as it seems and the stakes are her life.
Teenage problems to her husband committing adultery to disappearing - Elissa Ambrose has wrote a novel which dabbles in a little bit of everything.  Sex Lies and Hot Tubs was an addictive read from the very first page and I was intrigued to read more. It was interesting, funny and the the perfect novel to lift your spirits.
I judged Ellen from her forgiving her husband for his adultery but that's not right is it? This novel is full of surprises and keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat just wanting to read more. It's the perfect novel for everyone (I think) and it will keep you entertained till the middle of the night.
I've not read a book like it! I absolutely couldn't put it down! If this novel is anything to go by I can't wait to check out Elissa Ambrose's other novels!
It all started two years ago when I arrived home from school and found a package on my doorstep. It was from La Femme Mystique, the racy new lingerie store that had opened at the mall. Even though it was addressed to Jeffrey, I assumed it was for me. Why else would he buy lingerie?
I had no reason to be suspicious. Our life had an easy rhythm, and I was content. I thought we both were. We’d hoped for a larger family, but when that didn’t happen, we’d adjusted. We went on, as families did. So even though Jeffrey was working overtime at the clinic and had a sideline in real estate, even though he spent one or two evenings a week with his racquetball friends, aka The Boys, I thought, as any trusting wife would think, that this gift was his way of saying, “I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you. This is to let you know I’m thinking of you.”
Eager to discover what my husband had bought to appease me, I tore open the box right there in the foyer. Lying on a bed of lavender tissue were red lacy panties and a push-up bra. The bra was strapless and patterned with pitchforks, the panties crotchless and sprouting wings at the hips.
Was Jeffrey getting religion or was he getting kinky? Was he saying he found our sex life boring? Maybe I wasn’t woman enough for my husband. “You have to be a whole woman,” my mother used to say. Would my father have stayed if she’d been whole? What did that even mean? I used to look at her and try to discern what part of her was missing.
You’re being silly, I told myself, fingering the lace. Your husband loves you, and this is his way of telling you how much. I grabbed the box and headed to the bedroom to try on the lingerie. If a whole woman was what he wanted, a whole woman was what he’d get.
Two red stripes pinched at my hips and chest. I was petite, but this outfit would hardly fit a Barbie doll. Not that I faulted Jeffrey—what man knew his wife’s dress size? I giggled when I saw myself in the mirror. I looked like a cross between a hooker and a barbershop pole. My giggling evolved into full-blown laughter and I couldn’t stop, even when I doubled over with pain. If Claire had been home, she would have gotten a never-before-seen view of her mother, and then she would have had me committed.
Come on! Was this what men wanted? Did women actually wear these things?
I noticed the envelope and came to my senses. The lingerie was a gift after all, and who was I to knock another person’s fantasy? Didn’t I have fantasies of my own? (They did not, however, involve Lucifer.) I plucked out the card.
My angel, my temptress, tease me, please me, make me yours. Wear this on Saturday. Waiting in anticipation, your Devil-May-Care.
Saturday? This Saturday?
On Saturday, Jeffrey would be at that dermatology convention in Flagstaff.
My laughter started up again, only this time it was born of panic. It came out as a constipated chortle, as if I’d read about an incurable disease and recognised the symptoms.
This weekend was the mother-daughter luncheon at the high school. He knew I couldn’t go with him to Flagstaff.
Not that he’d asked.
On the dresser sat several framed photographs, some of Jeffrey and me, some of just Claire, some of the three of us in various stages of family life. Aiming for the wedding photo, I hurled the box across the room and knocked over my bottle of Allure, a present from Jeffrey for my forty-ninth birthday. Drifting through the room, the overly sweet scent of lilac made me want to gag.
A folded piece of paper flew out of the box and soared toward me like a paper airplane. I watched, mesmerised, until it ran out of steam and landed on my thigh. I picked it up. Two addresses were listed: ours, here in Scottsdale, in the left column under Jeffrey Dunwell; the other, Lariat Lane in Tempe, in the right column under Angelica Kravitz.
Apparently the lingerie store had made a fatal boo-boo. It had sent the underwear to the bill-to address instead of the ship-to. “Where shall we send ze underwear, Monsieur Dunwell?” I imagined the little French salesgirl asking. She’d be bursting out of her bustier, teetering on four-inch heels.
“The lady is at this address,” Jeffrey would answer, scribbling away.
Lady, my ass.
Jeffrey might have gotten away with it, if not for the screw-up. Even if I’d been in charge of the household accounts, he knew I’d never see the bill. He had a few credit cards apart from me entirely, which he used for his other business.
Clearly, not all his business was business.
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Barnes &Noble:
What do you think of Sex, Lies and Hot Tubs? Think it sounds good?