Author Interview with Lucy Felthouse (Part 1)

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Hey Lucy thank you so much for taking the time out today to appear on my blog, How are you?
I’m well, thank you. At this very second in time I am lamenting the fact that England is having a sunny day, except for my bit, which seems to be covered in cloud! Other than that, I’m great. I’m working on a really exciting writing project which I hope comes off, so wish me luck!

Can you tell readers abit about yourself and your writing journey so far?

Well I’ve loved reading and writing as long as I can remember. As a child, I either had my nose stuck in a book or was scribbling madly away on bits of paper. The love continued, and I think was definitely helped by the fact that I always had really good, enthusiastic, encouraging English teachers at school and college (well, except for one at college, he was a miserable bugger!). Although I knew I loved writing, I knew I couldn’t just leave education and expect to suddenly make money out of writing, so I had no idea what to do in terms of a career.

So I went to University to do a Creative Writing degree. I figured that I should go and do something I knew I’d enjoy. While I was there, someone dared me to write an erotic story. I did, and it went down very well with the male members of my group of friends. I’d also really enjoyed writing it, so I carried on. Word reached the professor who was leading our course, and he encouraged me to go and talk to one of the other lecturers, who just happened to be a published erotic writer (Mitzi Szereto). She gave me some pointers and information and I started researching the market and submitting stories.

My first published piece was in the now defunct Scarlet magazine, quickly followed by a story in the Xcite Books anthology, Seriously Sexy 3. Publication gave me a huge buzz to keep writing, so I did, and I’ve never looked back. I’m slowly branching out into longer works, but I think I’ll always love writing the short stories, too.

Can you tell us your latest news?

I’ve had a couple of new releases in the past few weeks. While the Boys Are Away is a mini-anthology of lesbian short stories. You can read the blurb and an excerpt here:

I’ve also had a story in a new Xcite Books e-anthology, Desperate Measures. My story is the title story, and is about a woman who finds an interesting way of making money when she’s made redundant from her job:

Finally, I have my first novella coming out in a few weeks. Off the Shelf is an erotic romance about a travel writer in her thirties who’s fed up of people making comments about her lack of boyfriend. She wants a boyfriend, but she doesn’t have much time outside her job – and most of the guys she meets aren’t for her. That is, until she meets Damien... I absolutely adored writing this novella, and have the biggest crush on Damien!
Why do you write erotica?
Why not?J Basically, once I got started I just wrote more and more. I’ve also made some great people that I’m proud to call my friends. I’ve done readings, attended conferences and events, and it’s just a great community to be a part of. Perhaps one day I’ll write in a different genre, but for now there are so many erotic stories and erotic romances floating around in my head that I can’t stop now!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Anywhere and everywhere. Films, books, overheard conversations, photographs, TV shows, people, places. All it takes is one tiny spark of an idea and I can build a whole story around it.

What has been your most challenging or favourite book to write? I would say that Off the Shelf was both the most challenging and my favourite book to write – so far. It was a huge learning curve for me to go from short stories to something longer. I was so worried about running out of plot, or there not being enough sex in the story, or too much. Or that I’d start hating my characters because I was writing so much about them. Luckily, by the time I reached the end I was happy that I’d managed it, but I also still loved the story. I’m sure novelists think I’m crazy, worrying about a novella, but I started off in short stories and they’re my comfort zone. But I’m gradually stepping out of that comfort zone – and I have ideas for more novellas and novels in my head, so I hope they’ll see the light of day at some point!
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Read as much as you possibly can in the genre you want to write in. You’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, what’s being published, and so on. You shouldn’t try and copy someone’s style – the more you write, the more your own style will develop. Also, learn to edit your own work. It can be very difficult to start with as you want to keep every word you’ve put on the page, but you have to do what’s right for the story, to make it the best you possibly can.

Do you have anything specific you'd like to let your readers know?

Yes! Talk to me! I love to hear from readers; what they’ve enjoyed, what they haven’t, etc. You can get in touch through my website (, Twitter ( and Facebook ( I also have a monthly newsletter – and each month there’s either an exclusive discount or giveaway – check it out!

I'd like to thank Lucy massively for taking the time out I know we all really appreciate it! :)

What did you think of the novel? Have you read any of Lucy's novels? Do you have a favourite? :)

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