Hacked, birthday wishes and giveaway

As some of you may have seen my Lucy Felthouse Day started going really good yesterday until I couldn't get into my email account to get the other posts. Your probably thinking I've forgotten my password for the hundreth time but in fact no! I was hacked!

Both my email accounts have been hacked which is super annoying and really weird.... especially as it just had to happen a day before Halloween..... Yep! I think this is punishment for me not answering the door to trick or treaters but I don't care! I HATE HALLOWEEN! It's scary and theres masks and people jump out at you and then there's freaky little children running around all over the place with scary masks on and find it funny that you run away from them! Don't even get me started on the spiders what's with SPIDERS at this time of year?? There's a massive one in my shopping centre and it's FREAKY!

Okay that rant over.... I'll be there all day if I don't move on LOL

I've already told you about my two email accounts being hacked. I have managed to change both passwords and I'm really hoping that's it all done! I am also trying to fix some blogging stuff as that was nearly deleted. Most of my contacts will have received an email with a link, please do not click on it! I have no idea what it is and frankly I don't want to! Some emails have been deleted ... okay well alot of emails but I am trying to get it fixed!

To make matters even worse I got an amazing, (I'm gonna cry) surprise in the post this morning from the amazing, phenomabubble, awesome, brilliant, author Natalie Anderson! Yes like the real one! Like the actual one that I gabble on about all the time! Like thee Natalie Anderson! (Am I going over over over the top with this?) Do you get the picture? Well... in case you'd like to see! I took pictures! Woop Woop! I'm like going into obsession overdrive right now! I mean one my FAVOURITE authors in the whole entire world has like touched and signed these books I have (I am NOT crazy) I think I need I need to see Dr Flynn from 50 Shades! Am I dreaming?

Now.... they look like any other books by an amazing author BUT wait and see what's inside!

Their SIGNED! Did I mention that already? But helloo these are amazing! I mean.... (I'm gonna cry again) Yes AGAIN I screamed.. then cried and then screamed again.... I think the poor postman nearly had a heart attack..... aw well he's young and super fit! ;) But these books! These are MINE! I sound slighty crazy.... I swear I'm not! Just think of me as.... a twi-hard fan meeting R-pattz yeah? Well then times that by 10000000 :)

I've not given you a sore head yet have I? I've been gabbling alot today! :) Well I'm glad it's all out of my system now as I can send a really nice, calm email to the author thanking her ever so much.... which will probably includ loads of ahh's again and when I write them I am actually yelling! Not crazy remember? Really though.... if yous haven't read any of Natalie Anderson's novels you need to!.... I'm nodding my head and thinking how can I force yous to read them... hmm.....

Today is also an important date! It's 30 October! I know what your thinking... whys that date important? But it is trust me as it's my wondeful, beautiful, smart, annoying sisters birthday! Yep! (Incase you're wondering next year she'll be quarter of a century)

If you have a sister then you'll understand one minute you could be arguing and the next yous don't even know what it was about (It's like that for us anyway) I'd be totally lost without her... no really I would be! I don't know my way about anywhere! She's probably shocked I can process these feelings! :) But if you have a sister then you understand you have a best friend for life and you will always be there for them and vise versa... also the really important thing.... they can't get rid of you :)

So... for a few years I've been adding embarrassing pics of her on FB and I thought I'd do one better! Add it here!

 Yep.... don't ask what she was doing... as I have no idea.... :) Sprite makes her go hyper! (Even at 24)
She doesn't know that it's here, she thinks I'm being super nice this year and not doing it but.... wouldn't wanna let her down! :)
But..... that pic was taken quite a few months ago... this one on the other hand wasn't...
Isn't that green.... brown.... whatever coloured dress beautiful? Thank god her dress sense has improved!
What do you think of what she's wearing?
Love you Megan & Happy Birthday! xxxxx
Now after me babbling on for ages for whoever reads this yous really deserve a medal! Or a chance to win some swag! Yep that's the one! :)

I'm not sure if I get the meaning of this post...but....
As it's my sisters birthday I am having a mini C.A. Kunz Swag giveaway! It will include bookmark, badge and another few items. Why C.A. Kunz you wanna know? Cause my sister loves their novels and they are two of her very favourite authors!
Rafflecopter is below & It's open worldwide.
Goodluck! xx
(I'm now away to hide.... before she reads this and kills me... shhhh she doesn't know)
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  1. Happy Birthday to Megan

    I'm really happy for you Kerry Ann ^^ it's great when one of ou favourite author send us something so a surprise like that ^^ Enjoy!

  2. Have we told you lately how much we LOVE you Kerry-Ann? Well we do :) Thanks for doing this for Megan, it's not everyday you turn 25. :)