Lucy Felthouse Day 29 October

Heyy Everyone!

I'm doing this post as a sort of warning but also to let yous all know what's happening on 29 October!

Remember my birthday bash I had planned on both my book blogs? Well due to the injury I sustained I was unable to post any of the posts up as I hadn't really worked out how to schedule a post...... anywho! I thought I'd post them again, I'd first planned on holding a Lucy Felthouse Day! Mainly cause she's an amazing author and yous all think so..... right?? Good! ;)

So... ohh yess back to 29!

Next Monday there will be an interview with the author, reviews, giveaways and more!

There will be quite alot of posts that day as previous posts from A Redheads Guilty Reads will also be published.

All posts published and mentioned are for people aged 18 or over! No one under the age of 18! If you are under the age of 18 stay away from the blog for the day! PLEASE!

I'm actually thinking there are quite a few posts..... hmmm......

I will post an introduction post on Monday morning and let yous all know about it!

What's everyone think? Will you be taking part and reading posts? ]


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  1. i will be there don't worry dear ^^ ( "fidèle au poste" in french)