New Design!


How are you?

I thought a change was in order so.... I redesigned Reading A Little Bit Of Everything! Alot has happened this year so I thought out with the old and in with the new! What's everyone think? Very Season-y! Ain't it?

I'm also wanting to ask you all a BIG favour do you have any book recommendations? I MEAN ANY kind of novel! I wanna more YA and fantasy and anything really! So... have you read any good books recently that you think I should defo read? Or have you discovered a new book that sounds good? PLEASE TELL ME! If you've even reviewed the novel leave a link so I can check it out!

Although could the books not be about fires or eating disorders, please! :)

Thank you!

Kerry-Ann x

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  1. hi dear^^ the new design is great and very appropriate yes

    i didn't review a lot of ya recently so i can't really help you all this month will be centered about urban fanatsy/urban fantasy romance for me^^

    but i think of one i will tell you^^

    just one detail please: could you tell me by email if you did send me the letters you spoke about because the post seem to have problem and ineed to know what to ask them to search for

    thank you