Review: In Bed with A Stranger by India Grey

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Title: In Bed with A Stranger
Author: India Grey
Publisher: Mills and Boon (Modern)
Published: 20 December 2011
My Copy: I bought a copy of this novel.
Rating: ★★★★

In Bed With A Stranger (Modern)
Book Bio:
The ticking time bomb of their marriage

Sophie Greenham whirled into army officer Kit Fitzroy's life like a red-headed tornado, smashing through the walls surrounding his heart and changing his life for ever. Leaving his bubbly fiancée to return to the front line disposing of bombs was the harder thing Kit had ever done . . . .

When he returns home, their reunion is raw and intoxicating. But the man Sophie loves is now a virtual stranger. Tormented, and determined to keep his distance, he can only truly connect with her in the bedroom..... But they'll need more than passion to survive the challenges ahead unscathed.....

In bed with a Stranger caught my attention from the very first moment I saw it in the shop which I bought it. With it's intriguing blurb I couldn't possibly put it back down on the shelf.
Read in just under 6 hours which I think that means I liked it! ALOT! well. . . maybe loved it! I started it just after midnight and finished it just before 5 in the morning.
In bed with a Stranger was without a doubt worthwhile staying up half the night for. Something which I haven't done in years!
India Grey has wrote Sophie and Kit so compelling and honest you simply have to turn the next page. This novel not only shows you how war can really affect a man doing his work but how it can a affect those around him. & who doesn't love a hot sexy man in uniform?? Especially the army?
The most compelling and mind gripping thing that kept pulling me into the book was the event and feelings in this novel can happen to anyone.The author doesn't male the story predictable which I enjoyed so much! I wanted to keep reading to see what would happen as I had no idea.
The scenes and characters are so well described I couldn't believe how well I could picture it all in my head especially the bit in Morocco when Sophie is being fed in the street by Fit with her eyes closed. I can clearly picture that and how the characters would be and it as an amazing thing when you can do that.
In bed with a Stranger made me laugh, cry and smile! & it's a very rare thing for me to cry at a book.
India Grey has wrote a funny, heart warming, amazing, compelling read and her books just have to get better and better.
When I started reading this book I had no idea it was in a series so make sure you read the first one first then this one. :)
Website: @indiagrey

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