Review: Lyrical by Victoria Blisse

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Title: Lyrical
Author: Victoria Blisse
My Copy: I received an ecopy of this novel via Writer Marketing Services in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: ★★★

Book Bio:
Living in a world of lyrics, she sings his song and he is powerless to resist. Peter is anti-social. He doesn't speak to a soul at work and listens to his music 24/7. He thinks he is too fat to fit in. Rock chick Chloe disagrees and slowly pulls Peter out of his shell. She finally wins him over with her beautiful singing voice but he just does not know how to deal with this beautiful woman and her lusts. Does Chloe have the patience to teach him to play her song to the rhythm of their shared sensuality or will he be forever doomed to a solitary life with only his music for comfort?
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lyrical. It was my first ever story completely from a males point of view and I'm so glad it was Peters.

The Characters in Lyrical are really detailed and so well described I felt as if Peter was just like any other insecure young man.
Chloe I loved her character so much she's so confident and carefree and just doesn't worry about anyone else.
I loved this story and I'll definitely be reading more of Victoria Blisses novels as this one was utterly amazing!!

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