Review: A Menu with A Difference by Lucy Felthouse

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Title: A Menu with A Difference
Author: Lucy Felthouse
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Published: 14 November 2011
My Copy: I received an ecopy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: ★★★★★

A Menu with a Difference
Book Bio:
When Jed and Annette spend a weekend in a luxury hotel, they're planning to take full advantage of the hot tub and large bed - preferably with a third party. Annette's never been with another woman before, but she's eager to experience some Sapphic delight. When the couple meets waitress Tamara at the restaurant they're lunching at, they agree she's perfect in many ways; but is she on the menu?
Wow, Just wow! It may have only contained 13 pages but it is by far one of my favourite stories ever! It will definitely be on my menu now!

A Menu with a Difference was my first lesbian and threesome read and I have to say Lucy has made me want to dive in for more with her well detailed and described characters and plot you won't be able to help wanting more!
Jed and Annette are likable characters and I certainly wanted to read more about them, I liked the dynamic of the relationship and how settled they were with their choices.
I loved how Tamara knew exactly what they were up to and still wanted to be involved it just shows you that some people (even though it's a story) are a little adventurous.
A Menu with a difference is most definately a quick, flirty, erotica, sexy hot book! One which mostly anyone would love!

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