Review: A Night of Living Dangerously by Jennifer Lucas

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Title: A Night of Living Dangerously
Author: Jennie Lucas
Publisher: Mills & Boon UK
Published: 20 January 2012
My Copy: I bought a copy of this novel.
Rating: ★★★★

Book Bio:
Lilley's fairy-tale wish is about to be granted. She'll swap her gray suits for a fabulous dress and killer heels, and dance the night away with the man every other woman wants…but only for one night.

Alessandro Caetani does not do happy-ever-afters. In fact, his charm extends only as far as getting his Little Mouse secretary into bed. Lilley has never taken such a risk before, but this is her night of living dangerously.…

A Night of living dangerously is a romantic, compelling, intriguing, fun loving novel! Along with the novel the cover of the novel is beautifully stunning!

This has been the first ever Mills & Boon book which I picked up due to it’s front cover as it itself tells a story! The Cover I think really is so beautiful - maybe more books in future will look like this.

When I read what the book was about I knew that this wasn’t just a book with a pretty cover, the story sounded amazing so I bought straight away. I couldn’t to go home and read it as I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed!!

Lilley is the best character I have EVER read about! I immediately felt attached to her and wanted to read more and more. The same goes for Alessandro! He was just so intriguing I wanted to know so much where there characters were going from the very first page!

From the very beginning I had no idea if the author was going to give me what I wanted or if she was going to give me the unexpected! But I really got what I wanted! Through the twists and turns of the characters lives I grew to honestly love them. Lilley especially.

The descriptions of the characters and the scenes around them were so well detailed I could picture it in my head and know exactly what way the characters would look due to Jennie Lucas’ details of them.

A Night of Living Dangerously had a lot of conversation! Something which I prefer a lot! I read quicker if two characters are talking and to me it makes the story better!

There’s novels which I love reading about and I don’t know why and it’s if a girl has a one night stand with a playboy and falls pregnant and I loved the way the men act in these books! A Night of Living of Dangerously is that book! Although better than you could ever have expected! I want to read more of these books. If anyone has read any please tell me! Although make sure their Mills & Boon first.

No other words could describe a third of how much I loved this book and just truly breath-taking it is! It is utterly amazing and I am so going to check out more of Jennie Lucas’ books!

What did you think of the review? Have you read any of Jennie Lucas' books?


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