Review: Waking Up in the Wrong Bed by Natalie Anderson

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Title: Waking Up in the Wrong Bed
Author: Natalie Anderson
Publisher:  Harlequin
Published: 7 August 2012
My Copy: I bought a copy of this myself.
Rating: ★★★★★

Waking Up in the Wrong Bed
Book bio:
When film location scout Ellie Summers sneaks into a colleague's hotel room with seduction in mind, she's thrilled by her own daring!

But the smug morning-after glow morphs into red-faced mortification when she wakes in the arms of a total stranger! Ruben Theroux might be fine with the situation, but a flustered Ellie most definitely is not.

Ellie's only defence against this very attractive guy is to insist they're friends only--strictly no benefits! But Ruben isn't a successful businessman for nothing--they'll be good together, and he's happy to play dirty to get what he wants....
Waking up in the Wrong Bed is a hot, romantic, modern Natalie Anderson classic! The author is by far a favourite of mine as she brings an emotional connection from her character to the reader and gives anyone the reading experience they deserve to get!

I couldn't get enough of it! The situation of the novel pulls the readers in wanting to discover more.
Ellie Summers takes the bull by the horns one night thinking (or rather not thinking) she's sneaking into her colleagues hotel room to seduce him. What could possibly go wrong.... eh? Her colleague has been flirting with her for weeks so enough is enough.
Even though Ellie has the best sex possible of her life as she took control of the night, the next morning is a different thing altogether.
Ruben Theroux thinks he's dreaming until he has any mans fantasy come to life with a woman seducing him out of his deprives sleep.... What else can he do but go along with it?
Ruben and Ellie prove a point that a man & woman cannot have a platonic friendship... Especially when you've slept together and also when the electricity between them would sizzle everything out in a 100 mile radios to them.
But when they can't seem to get enough of each other and more emotion than sex gets involved.... What will happen?
This novel is truly amazing & yet another perfect reading experience from the phenomenal Natalie Anderson.
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Author Profile:
Short Bio: (Taken from Amazon)
Natalie Anderson adores a happy ending, which is why she always reads the back of a book first. Just to be sure. So you can be sure you've got a happy ending in your hands when you buy one of her books - because she promises nothing less.
Along with happy endings, she loves peppermint filled dark chocolate, pineapple juice and extremely long showers. Not to mention spending hours teasing her imaginary friends with dating dilemmas. She tends to torment them before eventually relenting and offering - you guessed it, a happy ending.
She lives in Christchurch, New Zealand with her gorgeous husband and four fabulous children.
What do you think of Waking up in the Wrong Bed? Have you read it? - Or any other of Natalie Anderson's novels you want to recommend?

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