YOUR opinion needed!

Recently I've been struggling to deal with 2 book blogs and quite frankly I shouldn't have done it as it's just too much work! I'm wanting to stop having two book blogs and just have the one...... I want to keep Reading A Little Bit of Everything and I want to start using it the way I'd first originally wanted to! BY READING A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING!

I've always loved romance and erotica and I also love fantasy to YA! So..... this is where you come in! I want your opinion on whether I should import A Redheads Guilty Reads into Reading A Little Bit Of Everything.

A Redheads Guilty Reads is my adult book blog where I review all kinds of erotica and also alot of romance! I'm a woman obsessed with a happy ending! I want to keep both blogs updated and I'm wanting to get my passion back for blogging the way it was when I first started!

Would you be comfortable with me publishing erotic reviews? Do you want it to stay the way it is? Are you under 18 and wouldn't be anle to read it?

This question is aimed at authors and my blog followers! Would you be comfortable asking me for a review knowing it will be published amongst erotic reviews?

I have a poll at the side of my blog ------> at the top if you would prefer just to vote on it!

I'd really like to know every ones opinion on this! I don't wanna do it and no one like it and I also don't want to have drop one blog.

(I'm also organising my LAST ever blog tour and really need bloggers to help participate, if you are interested the blog tour will run from 19-31 November - Email bookbloggerni @ *remove spaces*)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Kerry-Ann xx


  1. if you want to join both blog you can no problem for me or you can keep them separate and update them in alternace, really do what it's best for you dear

  2. I have no problem with you posting any kind of reviews you want :)

  3. There are no rules when it comes to this, I think genre specific blogs turn away a lot of traffic, whereas a mix encourages people to look through all of your stuff to see what they might find.

    No one can tell you what to do, and really, no one can have a problem with it either.

    Do what will keep your blogging alive and what makes you happy.

  4. I think you should follow your heart and do what is best for you; the rest will fall into place.
    Personally, I would have no problem with having a mixture of erotic and regular reviews.