Adult Review: Her Secret, His Love Child - Tina Duncan

Her Secret, His Love-ChildTitle: Her Secret, His Love Child
Author: Tina Duncan
Publisher: Harlequin Presents
My Copy: I bought a copy of novel.

Book bio:

Hard-hearted tycoon Alex Webber is reeling. The passionate woman who once put fire in his blood is his slick penthouse office... armed with a shocking surprise....Alex's rigidly controlled life is disrupted when he learns he is to become a father. Yet the intensity of his need for Katrina is equally unsettling...and completely addictive So Alex demands Katrina move in with him.

Only, now he has pregnant Katrina back where he wants her, will their red-hot nights be enough to sate this playboy's hunger.
Book Review:
Tina Duncan has wrote a light, sexy love story perfect for every romanced addict out there. Her writing will seriously put you in the mood for reading and make you delirious from just reading her novel.
Alex Webber is a hot headed male with a few skeletons in his closer, ones which he's not afraid to share with Katrina to a certain depth to guarantee her a place in his bed but the only place she wants to be in his heart....
Katrina was in love with Alex when she was his mistress and now is gradually falling back in love with him.
In the middle of this is Sam... their baby daughter, Although if they both love here.... they both love each other right?
Her Secret, His Love Child is a sweet talking romance which will warm your heart and hopefully bed if Alex is involved! It's a MUST read! :)
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