Adult Review: The Morning After the Wedding Before - Anne Oliver

The Morning After the Wedding BeforeTitle: The Morning After the Wedding Before
Author: Anne Oliver
Publisher: Mills & Boon
My Copy: I bought a copy of this novel.
Book Bio:
Missed the bouquet…caught the best man?Emma Byrne has never been one to let her hair down – family obligations and a cheating ex have put paid to that. Now she has another responsibility to take just as seriously: she’s her sister’s maid of honour!Wickedly charming best man Jake Carmody is intrigued by Emma, and can’t resist the challenge of unbuttoning her and freeing her of her inhibitions…starting in the honeymoon suite! But after one sinfully wicked night Emma realises that this letting-your-hair-down thing could be incredibly addictive…
Book Review:
The Morning After The Wedding Before is a quick loving book one which I couldn't put down!

I was hooked on the first page as Anne Oliver's description of her characters and scenes are beautifully and very hotly written! I loved Jake and Emma. They are two characters who I couldn't bore of reading about. There's loving, flirty and FUN!

Although, Emma seems to have forgotten the meaning off fun!! Good thing Jake's there to remind her, eh?

As best man to his best friend Ryan's wedding and bridesmaid to her sister Stella's it's only right they get it on.... Ryan's only filling his duty in as best man to make sure the bridesmaid has an amazing time! Maybe he shouldn't have showed her just how much fun in the honeymoon suite though.... Although it did get Emma to feel a sense of fun and adventure so who can blame them? But soon there not just staying for the weekend for the wedding but have added another night onto their long weekend so they can spend it together! Having the rest of the weekend to work each other out of their systems.... Will that be enough though?

Jake is a generous, loving, helpful, caring man! If only he was real..... hmmmm.... :~/ All he's known he never wanted is all he's wanted! Brilliant thing Emma willing to show him what he's missing out on!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Emma she's responsible, reliable, (when Jake's not persuading her to stay with him) and soon enough she's impulsive and that word again FUN! Emma finally gets the chance to let herself go and let her hair down in the wonders of hope, love and the completely hot Jake.

This novels will truly open your heart and make you feel the zap of 'killer butterflies' in your stomach as Emma put it!

Read in just over two hours it is a book you'll be unable to let go off all thanks to Anne Oliver's fun and additively sexy characters writing.

Now I know I'm definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for her future novels! :)
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